Software Update: Pi-hole Core 5.13 / Web 5.16 / FTL 5.18.2

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Version 5.13 of Pi-hole Core has been released. Also be Pi Hole Web 5.16 and FTL 5.18.2 hatched. Pi-hole is an advertising-aware dns and web server intended to run on a Raspberry Pi in the network. If Pi-hole is referenced on the router for dns handling, all devices on the network will automatically use it without any settings needing to be changed. Then ads are no longer fetched, which makes pages load faster. Potentially, it can also keep malware out. For more information, we refer you to the explanations and videos on this pageor this manual from tweaker jpgview. The changelogs for the three separate modules can be found below.

Pi hole FTL changes:

  • Do not create FTL.port file anymore #1445
  • Update embedded dnsmasq to v2.87 in #1449
  • Fix audit login #1450
  • Fix printed error message when binding fails in #1452

Full Change Log: v5.18.1…v5.18.2

Pi-hole Web changes:

  • Allow the root zone . to be excluded from top lists in #2366
  • Remove additional space in Cookie header #2370
  • Filter $versions values ​​before printing them on footer #2368
  • Get port number directly from pihole-FTL.conf in #2371
  • Simplify how data is passed to Long term graph in #2374
  • Fix line/area graph (broken after recent changes). #2380
  • Fix position and size of the overlay spinner #2385
  • Update chart.js from 2.9.4 to 3.9.1. in #2373
  • Add links to dashboard boxes #2386

Full Change Log: v5.15.1…v5.16

Pi-hole Core changes:

  • Fix tabs in dialog boxes #4932
  • Change wording in chronometer in #4910
  • Use in install script #4872
  • Remove cronjob that checks local versions every 10 minutes – only check when required in #4939
  • in #4872 missed in review in #4940
  • Set connection timeout for curl #4884
  • Read docker tag from file in root, not the previously set environment variable in #4929
  • Handle more than one default gateway in debug script #4934
  • Update python tests and add black code formatter action #4926
  • Remove pihole-FTL.port file #4945
  • Add Fedora 35 and 36 to the test suite #4952
  • Fix default DHCPv4 leasetime value #4956
  • Fix warning message for index.php file in #4953

Full Change Log: v5.12.2…v5.13

Version number 5.13 / 5.16 / 5.18.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Script language
Website Pi hole
License type GPL
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