Software Update: PHPSysInfo 2.5.1

PHPSysInfo is an easy to edit PHP script that allows you to display various information about your system. It shows information about the uptime, processor, memory, network card and disk usage, among other things. For a demonstration of what the package looks like, go to this one and this one page right. The developers have released version 2.5.1, which again fixes a number of bugs. The following announcement is present:

Version 2.5.1:

    mainly a bugfix release over version 2.5 short summary: templates now html 4.01 valid, rtl and ltr text supported, some winnt variables were wrong detected, 2.5 breaks detection of filesystems on BSD-systems, loadbar wasn’t working on BSD-systems, cdfs wasn’t detected as cd-filesystem, strftime parameter wasn’t working on windows systems

Version 2.5:

    i’m happy to announce the final release of phpSysinfo 2.5. Many bugs were fixed (security released, language and code bugs) and also new features found there way in this version. Some of them you won’t be able to see (mainly detection and parsing code), others you see on the first sight (splitting memory information on linux, a bargraph for cpu usage or reading the temperature of hdds which have this feature). There are still some minor problems, but nothing critical. i hope we get these fixed in the near future. so we are looking forward to improve this little, nice app. If you have suggestion, which should be added or changed, let’s talk about.

Version number 2.5.1
Website sourceforge
License type GPL