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JetBrains releases several development environments, such as IntelliJ Idea targeting Java, CLion targeting C and C++ and DataGrip targeting sql. PhpStorm focuses on PHP and provides on-the-fly error prevention, autocompletion, code refactoring and debugging, and also handles HTML, CSS, Coffee and JavaScript. For an overview of the possibilities, we refer to this page† To use PhpStorm, a license required. For business and home use you will have to pay for it, but if the software is used for education or non-commercial open source projects, the license is free. JetBrains recently released version 2022.1.2 of PhpStorm and the major changes and improvements made to it can be found below:

Double Shift on terminal focus (IDEA-290102

We fixed an issue where using double shift for Search Everywhere didn’t work when the terminal window was in focus.

Keyboard navigation in the Create New Class dialog (WI-66414

When creating a new class, an issue was making it impossible to use the keyboard to navigate between the fields in the dialog. This bug has been fixed.

Backspace with multiline editing (WI-66145

There was an issue with multiline editing where pressing Backspace only had an effect on the first line in multiline selections. This behavior now works properly again.

Git diff from the commit panel (IDEA-291970

In some cases, clicking a commit in the commit panel didn’t show the proper Git diff, but instead just opened the file. This has been fixed.

Destructor return types (WI-66138

The IDE was offering a suggestion to add a return type to destructors, which isn’t allowed in PHP. This suggestion has been removed.

Pasting in blade files (WI-66304

We fixed some cases where you weren’t able to paste text into Blade files.

Tailwind autocompletion (WEB-55718

Autocompletion for Tailwind was not working properly in some cases, this has been fixed.

Improved TypeScript support (WEB-55516WEB-55517WEB-55518

We’ve added support for several new TypeScript 4.7 features:

Closing or minimizing PhpStorm when interacting with UML diagrams (IDEA-292463

On some occasions, you weren’t able to close or minimize PhpStorm when interacting with UML diagrams. This has been fixed.

@phpstan-import-type and @phpstan-type fixes (WI-66247

We fixed an error where a type imported by @phpstan-import-type wasn’t being properly recognized when used in @phpstan-type.

@psalm-type in return tag of closure (WI-65705

PhpStorm wasn’t able to recognize @psalm-type types as the return types of closures. This has been fixed.

The full list of changes in PhpStorm 2022.1.2 is available on the release notes page.

Version number 2022.1.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website JetBrains
License type Freeware/Paid
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