Software update: Opera 5.02

psylocke was the first to write that there is another update for Opera 5. This browser pleasantly surprised many people when it first came out and with this update to version 5.02, a lot of things have been improved, of which a list below. The non-java version of 2MB can be downloaded here, the link below points to the larger complete version:

Memory Optimization

  • Memory Usage: enhanced memory/resource handling for transfer window
  • Memory Usage: optimized memory/resource handling in IM client


  • Mail: timezone support
  • Mail: optimized filter configuration
  • Mail: updates to saving of mail windows
  • Mail: added variable mail root directory
  • Mail: column header click action
  • Mail: delete from server optimized
  • Mail: signature inserted in compose window
  • Mail: do not insert signature when Sending Again
  • Mail: other minor modifications and enhancements

General Additions

  • Addition: javascript security model
  • Addition: updates to opera.jar
  • Addition: winbar attention color entry to prefs
  • Addition: support for navigator.cookieEnabled in MSIE mode
  • Addition: sound dialog optimizations
  • Addition: display of the name of the plugin associated with type
  • Addition: resolve to system settings when Trust Server to return correct type is not active
  • Addition: file extensions for word, postscript, wp51, video, sgml
  • Addition: mime types for microsoft excel and powerpoint
  • Addition: mime types for Real-types
  • Addition: miscellaneous minor additions

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Keyboard shortcut: “backspace” to “previous window in history”
  • Keyboard shortcut: ctrl+backspace or backspace to browse parent directory. Eg becomes
  • Keyboard shortcut: ctrl-f keyboard shortcut in help window brings up the find dialog

instant messaging

  • IM: optmiziation of message search contact addition (manual)
  • IM: window handling enhancements
  • IM: other Minor additions and optimizations


  • Print Preview: help context
  • Print Preview: sizing of window in print preview mode
  • Print preview: enhanced form element handling
  • Print Preview: general minor optimizations and fixes
  • Print: modified header and footer printing


  • Forms: radio and check box checking selection via keyboard optimized
  • Forms: additions for form mailto submissions

File Transfer

  • File Upload: a wider button in the file upload object
  • Transfer Window: optimal columns
  • Transfer Window: only shows hours if needed
  • Transfer Window: shows time left in caption, and thus also in windowbar
  • Transfer Window: horizontal scrollbar
  • Transfer Window: size (display)
  • Transfer Window: support for high speed download


  • Help: links in the help window
  • News: enhanced printing for news
  • Hotlist toolbars optimized
  • Tool tip optimized
  • Optimized viewer support
  • Optimized table cell spacing
  • Many general optimizations, fixes and additions too small to mention

Version number 5.02
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website Opera