Software Update: NuFW 2.2.6

The NuFW program is an extensive firewall that can filter every connection based on the user’s rights and the operating system used. It uses an ldap server to check permissions and Netfilter to apply the set filtering technique. For more information about NuFW, please refer to this page† The developers have released version 2.2.6 with the following announcement:

Version 2.2.6:

NuFW 2.2.6 introduces a bunch of new features. The main improvements are:

  • User ID based filtering: it is now possible to have per userid and per group ID acls
  • Complex binding: nuauth is able to connect to a list of addresses and ports.

The full changelog is as follows:

  • nuauth: fix rare bug causing infinite loop
  • Add auth_mysql module : authentication and ip authentication against a MySQL database
  • nuauth: introduces nuauth_single_user_client_limit and nuauth_single_ip_client_limit
  • nuauth: add capability to bind on multiple addresses
  • nuauth: can now have user-id based acls
  • log_nuprelude: message improvements

Version 2.2.5:

This is a bug fix release which fixes a crash linked with the non support of thread in winbind.

The full changelog is as follows:

  • fix clients’ Makefile for compatibility with automake 1.10
  • bugfix: disallow change of ipauth option on reload to avoid a crash
  • fix race condition (multi-threading) in system module (PAM)

Version number 2.2.6
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website NuFW
License type GPL