Software Update: NewsLeecher 4.00 Beta 2

The developers of NewsLeecher have put the second beta of the new 4.00 series online. The new-fangled beta is by clicking this url for Windows to download. NewsLeecher is a program for reading newsgroup messages and downloading binaries via Usenet. The developers took a good look at programs like NewsBinPro, NewsPro, BNR, and GrabIt, then took the best points as the basis for NewsLeecher. The result is a program that, among other things, can download from multiple servers at the same time, has support for yEnc encoding and can handle up to 99 threads simultaneously.

New in the 4.00 version series of NewsLeecher includes a renewed ‘article cache system’ and ‘collections’. Furthermore, rar binary files are downloaded in the correct order and ssl support has been improved. Finally, NewsLeecher’s code has been cleaned up and minor, insignificant bugs have been removed from the software. The full NewsLeecher 4.00 beta 2 changelog looks like this:

4.00 Beta 2

  • Enabled the ‘Leech Tweak’ option that makes sure that RAR archives are downloaded in correct order. *.RAR articles will be placed in front of *.R00, *.R01, etc. articles in the queue. The tweak option can be found at: Setup -> Download -> Leech Tweaks
  • Added functionality to the integrated Explorer, that allows one to prefix selected files and folders with a custom text string. The function can be accessed from: ‘Explorer Tab -> Toolbox -> Prefix …’.
  • Changed the way the internet connections maximum download speed is specified.
  • The download speed scheduler has been redesigned and moved to the setup dialog, at: ‘Setup -> Download -> Speed ​​Scheduler’.
  • Added ‘msvcr71.dll’ to the installer, as the file, which is needed for NewsLeecher SSL connections, were missing on some systems.
  • When pressing the SuperSearch ‘Stop’ button, NewsLeecher would show a dialog stating that you have just pressed the ‘Stop’ button. That dialog has been removed.
  • Lots of internal code clean up improvements. These improvements should improve both NewsLeecher speed and stability.
  • Many smaller improvements, incl. a few visual ones, like the text / hints on the view tabs.
  • Fixed bug introduced in NewsLeecher v4 beta 1, where articles were not always leeched to the correct download folders.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the first NewsLeecher V4 beta to freeze sometimes while it was leeching.
  • Various leech tweaks and filters were ignored when importing transfer queue articles from NZB files.
  • Groupname sorting didn’t work in the listview. Fixed.
  • The system shutdown function didn’t always work. This should be fixed now.
  • Fixed bug that caused an exception to be thrown, when adding articles from the same collection to the transfer queue independently.
  • Lots of smaller fixes. (Pause/Unpause from queue popup didn’t work in beta 1, etc.)

Version number 4.00 beta 2
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
Website NewsLeecher
File size 4.77MB
License type Shareware