Software update: NewsBin Pro 6.52 build 3258 beta 6

The sixth beta release of NewsBin Pro version 6.52 has been released. With this program files such as photos, movies and programs can be retrieved from usenet. New in version 6.50 is, among other things, a so-called watch function, which can be used to watch for specific content when retrieving the headers. Also, the download can be extracted to any location. The changelog for the sixth beta looks like this:

Version 6.52 Beta 6 Build 3258

  • Fixed issue showing .nfo files on ctrl-r. ASCII art was breaking it.
  • Fixed issue with Newsbin deleting MP3 files

Version 6.52 Beta 6 Build 3257

  • Found and fixed a potential crash problem that could happen rarely.
  • Improvements to Read Post Body Processing. Cleaner with notepad now. If you do an RPB on a set, it reads first chunks of one rar, one par, and any .nfo or .sfv files in a set Parses .nfo and .sfv files for display in notepad or whatever the associated viewer is for . txt files.
  • Improvements in handling PARS that won’t download.
  • Changed level of the “Post doesn’t seem to be the post requested” error to be a debug message instead of critical error. If you are running in debug mode, this error may pop up when doing a RPB on a set. It can be ignored when that happens.

Version 6.52 Beta 6 Build 3255

  • Hopefully fixes a crash problem reported by a few people
  • Now shows a special icon when a .nfo file exists in the set. Look for a small “i” in a circle, like an information icon.
  • Ctrl-R now reads all text content in the set including .nfo, .sfv, etc
  • Add IFO as an allowed run type when launching from the Files tab.
  • Fixed issue where autopar would not work if it can’t download the smallest PAR file instead of using other available PAR files

Version 6.52 Beta 6 Build 3252

  • Fixed issue processing posts where the last part had an incorrect offset and length assigned to it. Symptom was file corruption for some posts.

Version number 6.52 build 3258 beta 6
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website DJI Interprises, LLC
File size


License type Shareware