Software update: Nero update

ramdouwe writes: “A new version of Nero has been released: v5.5.2.3”

The changelog for this update reads:

Changes from to

bug fix:

  • After a successful burn, the main Nero window was not maximized if it was previously set to be maximized.
  • The calculation of the time needed to erase a CD-RW has been improved.
  • Corrections made to creating Video and SuperVideo CDs:
    • Pauses between differing tracks was being ignored when menus were used
    • Some players couldn’t properly forward/reverse between tracks
    • Menus were being encoded in PAL, even if NTSC was chosen
  • Problems starting Nero with the anti-virus package DrWeb have been fixed.


  • The burning of image files has been optimized. The time needed to generate relocation information has been significantly reduced.
  • The archive attribute is cleared when burning Multi-session CDs. This can only be turned off in the expert menu.
  • Improvements to the import and creation of freedb databases
  • The statusbar now supports 900MB (100 minutes)
  • USB2 now fully supported
  • Small GUI improvements

Version number
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
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