Software update: MythTV 0.23

On Monday, after half a year of development, version 0.23 of MythTV became available. MythTV is a collection of programs that makes it possible to use a Linux machine like htpc. For example, TV programs can be viewed and recorded, it plays DVDs and music, and photos can be viewed. You can also install plugins functionality are added, such as a web browser, games, weather forecast and movie information search. A comprehensive overview of the changes in version 0.23 is on this page to find. Here are the main ones:

Major Changes:

  • New event system [23012]
  • Rewritten and greatly expanded python bindings [23416]
  • Addition of MythNetvision Plugin [23123]
  • New audio with surround sound upmixer
  • Addition of Arclight Theme [23275]
  • 15% faster software H.264 decoder [23525]
  • Channel Scanner – Analog channel scanning fixed [23657]

Version number 0.23
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website MythTV
File size 25.30MB
License type GPL