Software Update: MyDefrag 4.2.1

Jeroen Kessels has released a new version of his defragmenter MyDefrag. Previously called JkDefrag, this program is no longer open source, but is now released as freeware. MyDefrag has one download that automatically installs a 32bit or 64bit version and still has the signature DOS interface. The defragmenter is script-driven and comes with several default scripts included with the installation, such as Optimize Monthly, Optimize Daily, and Analyze Only. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:


  • Fixed a bug where a StatusBar() command in a script would turn off the statusbar in the screensaver, irrespective of the choice made in the screensaver settings dialog.
  • Added the script- and disk-selection menu.
  • The program now remembers the size and position of the window on the screen.
  • The Settings.MyD script is now always executed by the program itself, and needs no longer be called from within a script.
  • Moved the translations to the Settings.MyD script, and removed the Language.MyD script.
  • Hardened the screensaver against improper installations, for example when the executables have been copied to another machine (without using the MyDefrag installer).
  • Fixed a bug where the program could get confused when filling a zone and start filling from the beginning of the disk, when it encountered an NTFS compressed file.
  • Changed the SelectNtfsSystemFiles() so it also selects all files in all subfolders the $Extend folder. Previously it only selected files in the base $Extend folder, and only filenames than began with “$”.
  • Strengthened the behavior if the Microsoft defragmentation API refuses to move a file into a gap. For example the sorted placements will now skip the gap after more than 10 failures.
  • The WhenFinished(shutdown) and WhenFinished(reboot) settings are no longer executed when a script is cancelled.
  • Fixed a problem in the scrolling and zooming calculations.

Version number 4.2.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Jeroen Kessels
File size 1.86MB
License type Freeware

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