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Mp3tag can easily adjust the metadata of various audio files. Support for metadata in the form of ID3v1.1, ID3v2, APEv2 Tags and Vorbis Comments is provided. The online database FreeDB can be used to look up the artist and title. The program can also automatically create playlists and export various data to its own specified format. The developers have released version 2.34a with the following changes:

Version 2.34a:

  • NEW: import of album information from
  • FIX: Tag size wasn’t displayed for WMA tags.
  • FIX: Unicode characters at WMA tags were not displayed correctly.
  • NEW: ‘Options > Default values’ back again.
  • NEW: support for adding/removing cover art at extended tag dialog ‘View > Tags…’.
  • NEW: option ‘Save cover to tag’ at web source dialog.
  • CHG: empty tag fields are not saved anymore.
  • CHG: control for displaying cover art at web sources dialog now only displayed when cover art available.
  • CHG: options ‘Copy disc-id to comment field’ and ‘Copy disc-id to DISCID field’ now at ‘Options > freedb > General’.
  • FIX: option ‘Show message when no tag was found in selected file’ had no effect.
  • NEW: option ‘Write UTF-8 BOM’ at ‘Options > Export’ (enabled by default).
  • NEW: scripting function $neql(x,y).
  • NEW: holding the ctrl key down while using the arrow keys selects next item at the columns dialog.
  • NEW: menu item ‘Customize columns…’ from the file view selects the column in the columns dialog now.
  • FIX: description and mimetype were dropped from embedded album art at ID3v2 tags (since 2.32p).
  • NEW: option ‘Decode ISO-8859-1 tags using system codepage’ at ‘Options > Tags > Mpeg’.
  • FIX: format string at action type ‘Guess values’ was broken (since 2.33c).
  • NEW: option ‘One file per directory’ at export dialog.
  • CHG: removed option ‘No double data records’ at export dialog (was used at old export format only).
  • NEW: placeholder %_directory% for name of parent directory at ‘View > Columns…’.
  • NEW: placeholder %_workingpath% for current working directory at ‘Tools’.
  • NEW: button ‘Preview’ at converter ‘Filename – Filename’ (removed checkbox ‘Preview only’).
  • NEW: button ‘Preview’ at converter ‘Taglist-File – Tag’ (removed checkbox ‘Preview only’).
  • NEW: button ‘Preview’ at converter ‘Filename – Tag’ (removed checkbox ‘Preview only’).
  • NEW: button ‘Preview’ at converter ‘Tag – Filename’ (removed checkbox ‘Preview only’).
  • NEW: %_tag_size_appended% shows full padding block size at FLAC files now.
  • CHG: %_tag_size_prepended% shows full metadata block size at FLAC files now.
  • FIX: vendor string was removed from FLAC files at removing tags.
  • FIX: relative paths at ‘Tag – Filename’ were only working for one level.
  • FIX: action ‘Case conversion’ had no effect on german umlauts (and probably other special characters).
  • NEW: readded support for Monkeys Audios invalid APEv2 tags (which are APEv1 tags with the version field set to 2).
  • NEW: placeholder %_total_files% for number of selected files.
  • FIX: random runtime error at freedb queries based on Audio CD.
  • FIX: made no difference between 0 and empty fields when sorting numeric fields at the file list.
  • NEW: optional maximum file size for the debug file at web sources as third parameter of debug command.
  • NEW: option ‘Reset counter for each directory’ at Autonumbering Wizard.
  • FIX: filenames with characters > 0x7F were not saved properly in
  • FIX: character carriage return (0x0D) wasn’t removed from web source index output.
  • FIX: message ‘No MPEG header found’ at freedb queries based on MP4 files.
  • FIX: trailing equal signs at tag values ​​were truncated when editing through the extended tag dialog.

Version number 2.34a
Operating systems Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website Mp3 tag
License type Freeware
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