Software update: Mozilla 0.7 released

Today a new build of Mozilla has been released. Version 0.7 of this open-source web browser is available on the ftp server from This includes versions for macOSLinux and Windows

There will no doubt be many improvements to the browser, and the release notes any insight into it.

  • Personal Security Manager is now included in the Win32, Mac, and Linux binaries. This is the first Mac Mozilla Milestone with SSL support. The PSM 1.4 XPInstall from iPlanet will no longer work with the Mozilla 0.7 builds (Win32, Linux or Mac). This should work on other platforms as well but isn’t working everywhere yet.
  • Mouse wheel support has greatly improved and is available for Mac for the first time with this release.
  • Mozilla now has support for drag and drop attach files in mail.
  • Tooltips have been cleaned up significantly and now do the right thing most of the time.
  • The Mozilla news subscribe dialog has been cleaned up and most people are now able to use news for some of the really large groups (the alt. hierarchy for example) which used to cause all sorts of unpleasantness.
  • The problems with Microsoft Proxy Server have been resolved. Context menus for the sidebar have been implemented. Forced reload, not from cache (shift + reload) is new in this release.
  • Mozilla windows now remember their maximized state across sessions and child windows respect parent size.
  • Deleting of History items has been implemented.
  • Command line -version argument was implemented.
  • Navigation back and forward in framed sites is much improved.
  • Frames can now be promoted in current window with a context menu item (show only this frame).
    [break]gkiller brought us this glad tidings.
  • Version number 0.7
    Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux