Software update: Monero

The founder of blockchains and cryptocurrencies, and at the same time the best-known application is Bitcoin, and since it is open source, many so-called altcoins have appeared. In early 2014, Bytecoin was released based on the CryptoNote protocol, which was completely different. Due to the mystery of Bytecoin’s background and the estimate that more than eighty percent had already been mined, a group of developers soon started using Bitmonero as a fork, which in turn became forked to the current Monero, due to disagreement among the developers. The network consists of numerous nodes running the Monero client. An update of this has been released with version number, with the following announcement:

v0.15.0.0 ‘Carbon Chamaeleon’ released!

This is the CLI v0.15.0.0 ‘Carbon Chamaeleon’ major release, which a user, service, merchant, pool operator, or exchange should run to be sufficiently prepared for the scheduled protocol upgrade of November 30 (for which more information can be found here). This release contains new features as well as bug fixes and performance improvements.

Some highlights of this major release are:

  • Android builds
  • Better readline support
  • Info leak fixes when an adversary can perform traffic analysis between a wallet and a node
  • New PoW based on random instructions, adapted to CPUs
  • Pay for service system (either for nodes to offer paid RPC, or third parties to offer services paid for via monero mining)
  • Optional Tor / I2P transaction relay for privacy (block relay being done on clearnet)
  • New gen_ssl_cert tool to generate SSL certificates suitable for Monero usage
  • Difficulty can now range 128 bits
  • Windows logging color support
  • SSL timeout fixes
  • New wallet commands: public_nodes, restore_height
  • New daemon commands: set_bootstrap_daemon
  • New daemon RPC: flush_cache, get_public_nodes, set_bootstrap_daemon
  • New wallet RPC: edit_address_book
  • New wallet command line switches: –no-zmq, –restore-from-seed, –extra-entropy, –rpc-bind-ipv6-address, –rpc-use-ipv6, –rpc-require- instead of 4
  • New wallet settings: ignore-outputs-above, ignore-outputs-below, export-format
  • New dameon commands: –tx-proxy, –p2p-bind-ipv6-address, –p2p-bind-port-ipv6, –rpc-bind-ipv6-address, –p2p-use-ipv6, – rpc-use-ipv6, –p2p-require-ipv4, –rpc-require-ipv4, –keep-alt-blocks
  • Fees are now based on median block weight
  • Daemons can now optionally sync off pruned data
  • Consensus changes: forbid transaction with just one output, use effective median block weight for penalty, enforced 10 block minimum output age for use in rings, reject signatures in coinbase txes, reject v1 coinbase txes
  • Python3 compatibility in tests
  • Many more tests
  • Translations now use Pootle rather than Weblate
  • Guard against generating bad block templates in pathological case
  • Fix get_reserve_proof when some outputs are sent but not mined yet
  • New locked field in get_transfers / get_ {bulk _,} _ payments
  • Fixes for syncing on big endian
  • Verification speedups
  • add pruned and publicrpc flags to print_pl
  • Automatic public nodes discovery and bootstrap daemon switching
  • New release field to get_version daemon RPC
  • Ledger improvements
  • Some protection against isolation by rotating a small amount of nodes
  • New seed node
  • The wallet can now export data in ASCII (text) format
  • Inactivity lock in wallet
  • Peer list sanitization
  • riscv 64 bit support
  • Various networking fixes and improvements
  • Better Unicode support in RPC
  • IPv6 support
  • Standalone payment IDs creation code removed
  • Allow blocking whole subnets
  • export_key_images and export_outputs can now export incrementally or fully
  • Many improvements in depends build system
  • Remove dead from default DNS resolvers
  • RPC connections are now affected by bans
  • Misc DoS and robustness fixes
  • Fix v1 transaction retrieval from the txpool
  • White noise system to frustrate traffic analysis
  • delay IGP probing on startup
  • Fix committing some data to the database on batch error
  • allow exporting blocks.dat format from a pruned blockchain
  • Fix wallet SSL cert issues
  • alt_chain_info can now display information about a particular alt chain
  • Keep alternative blocks in LMDB
  • User prompt when a tx sends more than one old output

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Android, Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, UNIX, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016
Website Monero
License type Conditions (GNU / BSD / etc.)