Software update: mIRC 5.82

TopTech writes: “Once again there is a new version of mIRC to download at

Again some bugs out, you know it by now. Just download again and upgrade your old version.” The improvements in this version are as follows:


  • Fixed dcc folder ignore bug.
  • Fixed bug in /mode reply display for channel creation time.
  • Fixed tab completion not working with channel names in channels folder dialog.
  • Added /dcc ignore [on|off|only|except] command.
  • Fixed channel nicklist being affected by line-spacing settings.
  • Fixed dcc chat/fserve desktop/mdi setting not being saved.
  • When using function keys in a channel, the $1- identifier now always contains any nicks selected in the listbox.
  • Improved handling of irc: URI and .chat files.
  • Fixed flood protection bug.
  • The 32bit mIRC will no longer work under win3.11/32s.
  • Fixed Sjis/Jis conversion not working in dcc chats.
  • Fixed invalid cps display in dcc send/get when resuming a file.
  • Fixed custom dialog bug when using a background bmp, checkboxes weren’t being displayed properly.
  • Change limit cps method in fserve dialog, should now be more precise, and should send packets more smoothly.
  • Added Control+L key combination, scrolls to the last line you read when the status/channel/chat window was last open/active.
  • Added Line Marker dialog to Display/Options dialog.
  • Fixed channel central bug, was trying to set topic even if you didn’t have ops.
  • Fixed gpf bug in $mode() when used outside of a remote event.
  • Added $ctimer identifier, returns name of timer that triggered the current script.
  • Fixed bug which was prevented opening more than one $dialog() at a time.
  • $lf and $cr chars are now stripped from lines written to ini files.
  • Changed $bvar(&binvar,N-N2) to $bvar(&binvar,N,M), where M is number of bytes, simplifies use. Old format still supported.
  • Fixed $iif() bug.
  • Channel windows can now be closed during a disconnect even if rejoin on connect is turned on.
  • Added $play(N)/$play(Nick,N) identifer, with properties: type, fname, topic, pos, lines, delay, status. Returns info on /play queue.
  • Added “Event” color to Options/Display dialog. This color is now used for all non-message events. The “Message” color is used for actual messages, and the “Highlight” color is used for highlighted messages.
  • Added Names button to Channels Folder.
  • Fixed bug with empty text “” in menu items in custom dialog.
  • Added $disk(drive).unc returns UNC path for network drive.
  • $mp3() now caches the info for the last referenced mp3 file.
  • Can now use styles (top left right bottom) with custom dialog icon definitions to align picture. Default is center.
  • Added built-in mousewheel support for microsoft meeces.
  • Fixed topic setting in events display dialog not being used.
  • Fixed $round() bug, was rounding negative numbers incorrectly.
  • /ban now expands ban address if you didn’t specify a full [email protected] address format.
  • Fixed channel folder group entries not auto-joining.
  • Can now /join group to join a group defined in the channels folder.
  • Fixed bug in $ulevel.
  • When using mode prefixes with tab key nick completion on a channel, only users with the specified mode are shown.
  • Added $findfile().shortfn property.
  • Fixed bug in $inrect().
  • Fixed /set bug when first character of variable is a wildcard.
  • Custom dialog icon definitions now default to the path of the script if icon isn’t found in mIRC root folder.
  • Fixed $dialog().hwnd bug.
  • Fixed $readini bug.

Version number 5.82
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website mIRC