Software Update: Miranda IM 0.4 RC 1

The first Release Candidate of version 0.4 was released a few days ago in the Miranda IM forum. Miranda is an open source Instant Messaging program and can connect to the networks of AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, and IRC by default. More networking and functionality can be added through plugins. Using this version, which as zip file or if installer can be downloaded is only intended for advanced users who want to help test it. It is also recommended to uninstall the current plugins first. The changelog of this release shows the following changes:

Bug fixes:

  • Crashes after warning about unsuccessful search
  • ESC doesn’t work in User Detail
  • Phrases with leading and trailing spaces not translateable
  • Incorrect Local time in Userinfo
  • CheckDlgButton didn’t draw correctly if used after creation in button control
  • Offline users weren’t always shown in Typing Notify Options
  • Ctrl+w closes message window
  • Moving a group outside the CLC causes a crash
  • Crash translating a menu
  • Scrollbar still appeared sometimes if XP skinning was enabled
  • Contact list control read-disk-on-paint bugs
  • Many database bug fixes (crashes, corruption)
  • AIM: Removing user from deny list didn’t always update mode in Miranda
  • AIM: Fixed file transfers with Mac users
  • ICQ: Error alert blocked I/O
  • MSN: Connection/login fixes
  • IRC: Many bug fixes


  • Database and contact list control moved to plugins
  • Relative paths for icons, sounds, and contact list background
  • Scroll through past messages with ctrl+up/dn in message window
  • New idle module to handle autoaway and protocol idleness
  • Pin to desktop option in Window options
  • Dim idle contacts option
  • Use windows colors option for contact list
  • New status bar options (hide command, hide gripper)
  • Database I/O improvements
  • Option to hide vertical scroll bar
  • AIM: Show mobile users as ‘on the phone’
  • MSN: Sending/receiving avatar support
  • MSN: Peer to peer support
  • IRC: DCC file transfers and Chats
  • IRC: Reversed file transfers
  • IRC: Send ahead support
  • IRC: Incoming TDCC support
  • IRC: CTCP support (all the usual commands)
  • IRC: Configurable quit message
  • IRC: Option to show addresses in joins/quits etc
  • IRC: Formatting of outgoing text
  • IRC: Optional SSL support

Version number 0.4 RC 1
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Miranda IM
File size


License type GPL