Software Update: Messenger Plus! 2.54.74

The creator of the popular Messenger Plus! has, on the occasion of Christmas, a new version of the program on its site. This version is numbered 2.54.74 and, as usual, some bugs have been squashed and new features added. New in this version is the option to automatically send a message as soon as an offline contact comes online. Furthermore, the uninstaller has been further tweaked and a number of new tags have been added to the program. The complete changelog is here to find back. Patchou informs us of the following in the release notes:

Oohoh, merry Christmas everybody! be sure to get a network adapter for your PlayStation 2 to be able to beat Santa next time he connects on your online-gaming server! If you don’t have a PlayStation 2 or if you don’t plan to get extra accessories for it, don’t worry, the new version of Messenger Plus! is free! I planned to start selling licenses of use for around $199, get rich and move to Tokyo but I finally decided that I could leave it free at least a little longer .

Enough spam for today. I’m writing this news to inform you that a new version of Messenger Plus!, version 2.54, has been released. As always, you’ll find bug fixes and new features. This time, the interesting new stuff is called “Come-back Message”. You can now right click on an offline contact and enter a message that will be automatically sent next time your contact signs-in. This feature was so heavily requested that I don’t doubt its future success.

As I probably won’t post another news before next year, I also wish you now to have a happy new year. I sincerely hope that we’ll all stay together for another great year in the Instant Messaging world.

Version number 2.54.74
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Messenger Plus!
File size


License type Spy/Adware