Software Update: MDaemon 14.0.0

Alt-N Technologies has released version 14 of MDaemon. MDaemon is a mail server for the Windows platform, with built-in antivirus and antispam capabilities. In addition, calendars, and address and task lists can be shared, and senders can be validated by means of DomainKeys or Sender ID. An overview of all possibilities is on this page to find. In version 14 Among other things, shared folders can be used under ActiveSync and several improvements have been made to WebAdmin and the WorldClient web email client.

Updated Product Registration System
The product registration system has been updated to utilize a digitally signed XML based license file. This approach allows for greater flexibility, and will enable Alt-N to offer new innovative purchasing and renewal options. The installation process will automatically download the license file. Product activation has been replaced by a scheduled mechanism that will update the license file on a periodic basis. The system is able to accommodate temporary connectivity outages, however communication with the licensing service is required for continued use of the product.

Dynamic Screening Notifications
Dynamic Screening notifications have been improved, and now include more information. The Dynamic Screening settings can be configured to notify the postmaster after a specified number of failed authentication attempts made by an account. The notifications that are sent to the postmaster have been updated to include the date, time, IP address, and protocol used, to make it easier to find and troubleshoot authentication failures. The MDaemon logs will display failed authentication attempts in this format: “Failed $PROTOCOL$ authentication attempt from $IP$ for “$EMAIL$””

ActiveSync for MDaemon – Shared Folders
The ActiveSync server now supports shared folders, in addition to personal and public folders, for email, calendar events, contacts, tasks and notes. The new controls allow administrators to enable or disable shared folders for ActiveSync users at the global level, domain level, or account level. The “Inherit” option means the domain or account will use the value that was configured at the global or domain level.

WorldClient (Web-Based Email) – New “WorldClient” Theme
A new default theme, called the “WorldClient” theme, has been added. This theme incorporates many popular design elements from consumer and business-based webmail clients to offer more features and a more modern look.

WorldClient (Web-Based Email) – Side-by-Side Calendar View
The “WorldClient” and “Lookout” themes now include the ability to display calendars side-by-side for easier viewing.

WorldClient (Web-Based Email) – Inline Image Support in HTML Messages
WorldClient supports adding inline images in composed HTML messages. There are four ways to add an image to a message composed in WorldClient.

  • In the HTML editor, click the Image toolbar button and select the upload tab.
  • In the HTML editor, click on the Add image toolbar button.
  • Drag and drop an image into the HTML editor with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and above.
  • Copy and paste an image from the clipboard into the HTML editor with Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and above.

WorldClient (Web-Based Email) – Other Updates

  • WorldClient’s HTML Compose editor has been updated to a newer version that is compatible with Internet Explorer 11.
  • WorldClient’s “Simple” theme has been renamed to “Lite”.

Remote Admin (WebAdmin) – Account Manager Icons
Icons in the Account Manager allow administrators to see at a glance which users are ActiveSync users and which ones are Outlook Connector users.

Remote Admin (WebAdmin) – Queue Management
Additional Queue Management features allow administrators to view MDaemon’s mail queues, freeze the queues, and move messages to and from the queues. This allows greater flexibility when troubleshooting mail delivery issues.

Remote Admin (WebAdmin) – Outbreak Protection with SecurityPlus
Flexible Outbreak Protection settings can now be configured from within WebAdmin via the Security menu. Outbreak Protection is an anti-malware component of SecurityPlus for MDaemon.

Remote Admin (WebAdmin) – Auto-Responder Settings
Auto-responder settings are now accessible from WebAdmin, allowing administrators to configure the auto-responder white list and other auto-responder options.

Remote Admin (WebAdmin) – WorldClient Server Settings
WorldClient Server Settings in WebAdmin, allows administrators to enable or disable WorldClient (MDaemon’s Web-Based Email Client), change the WorldClient port, modify other WorldClient settings, or restart WorldClient.

Remote Admin (WebAdmin) – Domain Signature Improvements
Domain signature Improvements enable company-wide signature blocks for all users. Images can be added via a button on the Signature/Footer editor, or by using a special macro.

Version number 14.0.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8
Website Alt-N Technologies
File size


License type Shareware