Software Update: Maxthon

Version 4.4.1 of Maxthon has been released. This web browser uses the Trident or WebKit engine to display web pages, but has its own interface with many additional features. functionality, including mouse gestures and online bookmarks. By default, the WebKit engine used by Apple Safari and Google Chrome is used to render pages, but support for Internet Explorer’s Trident engine is also provided. It is easy to switch between the two engines.

The main change in version 4.2.0 is that the Blink core being used. This split-off and simplification of the WebCore component from WebKit, which is used by, among others, Google Chrome from version 28 and by Opera from version 15, promises, among other things, better performance. Since version 4.4.0, the following changes and improvements have been made:

New Features:

  • Built-in PDF plugin


  • Display effects of sidebar extension under high DPI
  • Better DNS pre-reading and hyperlinks pre-link
  • Advanced Ad Hunter Performance
  • Enhanced Pop-Up Block feature
  • Improved core waste recycling
  • Improved download prompt
  • Advanced page smooth scrolling feature


Main Frame

  • Improved Maxthon Multi Search

Web Kit Core

  • Enhanced core stability

Fixed bugs:

  • In some cases Skynote process cannot exit
  • Anomalies that occured when using Backspace in “Find” function
  • Developer Tools Cookie View display issues
  • Adjusting Zoom level to 20% would still zoom out and make the Core take up a lot of CPU
  • Developer Tools Cloud Push does not support Multilanguage.

Web Kit Core

  • Anomaly caused by the Local storage memory space problem
  • File system may result in some problems
  • Bugs occur when Super Drag&Drop specific texts
  • Certain Anomalies caused by Context3D
  • CPU usage soars while scrolling certain pages
  • Browser internal error and the inability to copy content in certain pages
  • No smooth scrolling effect on Win8 touch screen
  • Pop up video and then close its tab may lead to the video window exit

Main Frame

  • The button ‘Show more’ and ‘clear all’on the address bar drop list fail to work
  • Fail to update the quick access default picture
  • Certain Toolbar icons display anomaly in some situation
  • Fix the search engine switching problem

Web Kit Core

  • YouTube HTML5 Videos fail to play correctly
  • In certain situation, Flash block page elements
  • No response after switching tabs by F2 and F3 for several times
  • Under certain circumstances, Global blocking rules always works
  • Unable to download files in certain pages
  • Anomalous file name downloaded from certain pages
  • Enhanced core stability
  • Update Flash plugin, solve Flash hole

The following downloads are available:
Maxthon Browser for Windows
Maxthon Browser for Windows, portable
Maxthon Browser 4.2.3 for OS X
Maxthon Browser for Linux
Maxthon Browser 4.5.5 for iOS
Maxthon Browser for Android
Maxthon Browser for Windows Phone

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Android, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista, iOS, Windows 8
Website Maxthon
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License type Freeware