Software Update: Maxthon

An update for version 4.0 of Maxthon has been released. This web browser uses the Trident or WebKit engine to display web pages, but has its own interface with many additional features. functionality, including mouse gestures and online bookmarks. By default, the WebKit engine used by Apple Safari and Google Chrome is used to render pages, but support for Internet Explorer’s Trident engine is also provided. It is easy to switch between the two engines. In version 4.0, which is available for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android, the browser has been given a new look, among other things, and the cloud is used for all kinds of functionality. In version 4.0.12, the following changes and improvements have also been made:

New Features:

  • Touch zooming and panning in win8
  • HTML5 online/offline operation
  • Maxthon screenshot supports win8 touch operation
  • CSS Filter GPU Acceleration
  • Support custom proxy PAC file


  • Significantly optimized browser startup speed
  • Smoothly typing experience in address bar
  • Optimized interface loading performance
  • Optimized Baidu electronic library and other webpages scrolling experience
  • Optimized Magic Fill in retro fashion
  • Address Bar drop-down menu is faster and more responsive
  • Better animation when resizing a pinned extension window
  • Better animation when resizing split screens


Main Frame

  • Favorites bar display problems under high DPI
  • Some site icons display problems
  • Some tabs Label width problems
  • Language display error when uninstalling the browser
  • Fixed some issues with tab width
  • Fixed display issues with Toolbar
  • Fixed display issues with extension windows
  • Fixed some issues that would cause tab to show incorrect web page title
  • Fixed mismatched search engines icons
  • Fixed display issues with Last Session page
  • Fixed display issues with extension icons
  • Skynote contents loss in some case
  • In some cases, the installation may lead to skin problems
  • Sidebar can’t display multi-columns
  • Tab width scale problem in split screen
  • Needs Double click to hide the Sidebar
  • When adding customize shortcuts may cause the browser unresponsive
  • In some cases sidebar panel does not display smoothly
  • When moving the mouse cursor, the window buttons such as minimize remain in hover status
  • Certain address bar display problem
  • In some cases, Download manager closes unexpectedly
  • Switching account problem after pinning the sidebar extension

Web Kit Core

  • Drag & Drop did not work in some pages
  • CSS3 3d flip effect problems
  • Some add proxy failure issues
  • Authentication dialog box constantly pops up when accessing some websites
  • Typing Chinese issue in some flash pages
  • No title when proxy authentication dialog pops up
  • A bug when using overlength URL
  • Sniffer YouTube video did not work
  • “Open” button changed to “Save” when uploading pictures to some pages
  • Page blinking when adjusting the browser main window size
  • Some video did not show floating button
  • Optimized FileSystem support
  • Improved Webkit core stability
  • Fixed Address Bar spoofing security issue
  • Fixed a bug that Thunder downloader fails to run
  • Fixed a bug that music in extension won’t stop playing after switching account
  • Fixed some issues with Find feature
  • Fixed some Spell Checking failures
  • Fixed a bug with Quick Save Images
  • Fixed display issues on WebGL pages
  • Fixed an issue that long tooltips could cause the browser to freeze
  • Fixed some issues with calculator keys on keyboard
  • Improved the stability of Webkit
  • Display problem of Quick App icon
  • No pop-up blocking in some websites
  • The status bar always displays “loading”
  • Improved Webkit stability

IE Core

  • Fixed some crashes with online banking websites

Extension platform

  • Enhanced the Extension platform

The following downloads are available:
Maxthon Browser for Windows
Maxthon Browser for Windows, portable
Maxthon Browser for OS X
Maxthon Browser 4.2.1 for iPhone
Maxthon Browser 4.0.5 for iPad
Maxthon Browser for Android

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Android, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista, iOS, Windows 8
Website Maxthon
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License type Freeware