Software update: Mailwasher pro 3.2.0

The Firetrust folks pointed us to a new release of the anti-spam Mailwasher program. This has been given 3.2.0 as version number. One of the most important innovations is the support of SSL for IMAP. Furthermore, it is now possible to transfer settings from Outlook 10. The rest of the changelog looks like this:

New Features:

  • AOL / IMAP support added
    • – Note: Due to the AOL authentication system, AIM users will be disconnected when MailWasher first performs an AOL mail check. Those users should simply re-connect AIM after the first mail check or alternatively perform a mail check before connecting to the AIM network –
    • – Note #2: AOL does not support bouncing at this time
  • AOL / IMAP / Netscape account import system added
  • Added SSL Support to IMAP.
  • Multiple bounce address support added (Check “Advanced Options” in the bouncing tab)
  • The Status column now sorts by text when the status is equivalent so filters now get sorted alphabetically when sorting by Status
  • Heuristics updated
  • “Arrived” date column added
  • User can now optionally suppress all errors, in which case an error icon will be displayed on the status bar instead when an error occurs. Double-clicking on the error icon will bring up the error window as per normal.
  • Drag and drop added to filters list, DNS blacklist server list, and column order list
  • All account import systems upgraded

Important changes / fixes:

  • Column order options layout improved
  • About credits updated
  • MailWasher is now B9 aware
  • The Escape key now cancels the preview window
  • Fixed Access Violations in MailWasher when window color is black
  • Fixed Blue Screen of Death in Win95/98 and Access Violations in Win2k/XP when user closes MailWasher while it is still bouncing
  • Fixed text attachments triggering “Possible virus” warning
  • Error message “Ensure that the SMTP server is correct” is no longer displayed for remote SMTP servers that fail to exist
  • Forged wildcard sender addresses such as do not add * to the blacklist
  • ATT and Direcway’s POP3 login error is now treated as a protocol breach rather than a bad username or password
  • Fixed bug when using auto-delete with blacklisted messages, the icon was still flashing advising of new mail even though no visible message (or even hidden) was present
  • Columns no longer arbitrarily resize when ‘OK’ clicked in options
  • POP servers that accidently terminate the listing with LF dot instead of a CRLF dot are now handled
  • Fixed Error digest hanging MailWasher and eating all the memory occasionally when large amounts of failed bounces are reported.
  • Error digest no longer steals focus from other applications
  • Much better error handling
  • Fixed ‘view complete header’ so that the raw source is now shown.
  • Fixed issue where downloading a complete message in the preview form and then doing the same in the preview pane caused an Exception.
  • Fixed bug where deleting & fetching emails could cause problems if they had already been deleted on the server.
  • Fixed issue where list index out of bounds error could occur when processing email (related to the above).
  • All settings are now saved when filters are updated, not just filter & blacklists.
  • Fixed issue where error dialog options form would get hidden behind the error dialog and the user couldnt click on anything till they alt-tabbed.
  • Fixed issue where MailWasher would check mail during excluded times if ‘force mail check’ was enabled
  • Bug fixed where MailWasher sometimes wouldn’t start maximized when told to in 800×600
  • MailWasher now knows if its been uncleanly shutdown and saves the session logs from the crash into a separate directory when it is restarted.
  • Changed the way MailWasher generates UniqueID’s – POP sessions should now be more robust.
  • Fixed issue where deleting an email on a POP server with another client, then doing a view all on an email above it in
  • MailWashers list could cause MailWasher to display a dupe, and optionally crash if mail was processed afterwards.
  • Vertical scrollbar no longer leaves gap when mail is deleted
  • Filters instructing to bounce an email now don’t bounce emails in accounts that have it disabled
  • Status bar in the preview frame no longer gets chopped in half under some Windows XP themes.
  • The Error Digest ‘window freeze’ issues should now be fixed.
  • Process Mail and Clearing the message list are no longer disabled when all the messages are hidden
  • MailWasher’s Error Digest now saves its options on exit again.
  • Suppress all errors no longer suppresses wrong password dialogs.
  • Fixed MailWasher crashing on occasion when System tray icon begins animation.
  • MailWasher should now correctly import Outlook 10 accounts.
  • Both POP and IMAP Accounts should now be correctly imported from Pegasus.
  • When adding accounts – account name text entry box now has focus.
  • Many, many small tweaks and changes that you really don’t want to know about

Version number3.2.0
Operating systemsWindows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Websitefire trust
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License typeShareware