Software Update: MailEnable Standard 1.91

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MailEnable Standard is a freeware application that makes it easy to set up a mail server. Support for POP3, SMTP and a List server is present and equipped with an extensive management application with which everything can be set up down to the last detail. All available functions are displayed this page clearly displayed and here can you see a screenshot of the management application. Version 1.91 has been released by the development team with the following changes:

Version 1.91:


    • Autoresponder will now use the mailbox display name instead of “Auto Response” if available
    • More information in the diagnostic utility output


    • Backup utility was assuming configuration info was stored in same path as email data
    • SMTP could waste time doing a DNS lookup on IP address
    • SMTP could crash on outbound sending to some domains
    • DEFAULT.MAI file for new mailboxes now has date set to be current date/time
    • POP service was not logging the TOP command
    • Empty sender in SMTP outbound queue could cause SMTP to crash if recipient format was also incorrect
    • Removing postoffice through API was not removing the directories on disk
    • Installation and setting file permissions speed improved
    • List confirmations would not work if the client wrapped the subject line
    • EXPN SMTP command was not working
    • Blank usernames in POP service could match just based on password
    • Some delay messages for SMTP service were ignoring the initial delay before being sent
    • Delay messages were giving incorrect time that a message would be retried for
    • Return-path header was not being added to emails
    • Return-path header was being added to list messages
    • List messages are marked with precedence list (was bulk, except for notifications which were list)
    • Moderated password protected lists were rejecting emails with no passwords instead of sending to moderator

Version 1.9:


    • Can copy the random password for a mailbox to clipboard
    • Can import mailboxes from a text file
    • Can set quotas for a post office all at once
    • When adding group members you can select from existing mailboxes
    • List and group imports will recognize MailEnables internal SMTP format
    • Removed limit of maximum of 300 recipients per inbound SMTP email
    • “Restart all services” menu item added
    • Can block email addresses at the SMTP service
    • List server will add headers and footers for HTML emails
    • Additional Command Flag to command file to denote messages originating from an authenticated source
    • Additional logging to better allow reporting applications (MEStats) to detect the postoffice owning W3C logged activity
    • Host name option to SMTP properties
    • Can set the friendly name for a mailbox through the administration program
    • Lists the friendly name in the mailbox list
    • List server will now do list confirmations
    • Improved logging to help track pickup event message processing
    • Can set delay notifications for SMTP to occur after a specified time
    • Delay notifications will indicate how long the item will be retried for
    • Improved logging to help track pickup event message processing
    • Can delete multiple list server logs at once
    • Option to log various service Debug information into Activity log for readability
    • For SMTP outbound you can specify the maximum number of recipients for a domain in the admin program
    • Quota enumeration mode to postoffice connector options to allow either just the inbox or all folders to count towards quota
    • Can disable posting denied notifications for the list server
    • Default POSTOFFICE.SYS and MAILBOX.SYS are used by administration program when creating a new postoffice/mailbox


    • NDRs which cannot be delivered are now deleted by default instead of being moved to bad mail
    • Won’t ban any bound IP addresses with SMTP failures
    • Domain properties gives better indication of selecting postmaster
    • Removed SYSADMIN from mailbox properties as it is only used in Enterprise version
    • DLL handling so COM DLLs will check bin path for DLLs (to help prevent reboot on installing to new path or the first time)
    • SMTP administration options and others divided up to be easier
    • Refused connections are given permanent SMTP error failure code instead of temporary
    • Will not include temp files in users mailboxes in quote calculation


    • Improved the autoresponder checking to make sure whether it should respond
    • Deleting email for a mailbox not yet created would delete the postoffice email
    • SMTP service could crash if MX lookup returned more than 100 records
    • SMTP was delaying some messages which should bounce
    • Disabling all catchalls in SMTP service required a service restart, but wasn’t indicating this
    • Changing the POP before SMTP time required a service restart, but wasn’t indicating this
    • Command file was showing destination mailboxes multiple times for catchalls
    • Renaming a domain was not checking to see whether domains exist
    • When creating a mailbox and before closing the dialog the first time, it can produce error messages when trying to refresh the mailbox list
    • Importing list and group members validates each email and will warn if errors
    • Wasn’t removing Osirusoft from the list of available reverse DNS blacklists
    • Renaming a list in admin program to an existing one was still trying to do it
    • Can’t add a list in admin program to a postoffice if there is no domains configured
    • Renaming a group in admin program to an existing one wasn’t stopping you
    • Prevented users from adding wildcards for SMTP blocked addresses (since wildcards cannot be used)
    • Removing some wildcarded address maps would fail
    • Possible SMTP crash when logging checking for valid domain on inbound for domains with over 100 MX entries
    • Stopping checks for RDNS and stopping auto-bans on local IPs was only working with
    • Checking for PTR on inbound SMTP was only being done if RDNS was enabled
    • Some services were taking an extra second to stop
    • Debug Logging for MTA service possibly could cause issues under heavy load
    • Admin was not indicating the SMTP service needed restarting if the number of recipients allowed changed
    • Trying to view items in queues which where already processed was generating incorrect error message
    • Changing the MTA thread count was not prompting for a restart of the service
    • When group splits were occurring in postoffice connector, a group member was being skipped
    • Editing lists through administration program could reset some of the previously changed settings
    • SMTP could crash on some malformed command files (remailing could do this)
    • SMTP Security option page in admin program was not prompting for service restart on some actions
    • Posting to lists without any subject header was not posting to lists
    • POP before SMTP authentication could fail is SMTP send was attempted too soon after every POP logon
    • Importing text file to create mailboxes was not validating each email
    • Relaying for domains where authentication was required was not working
    • Deleting messages through admin program was not removing DIRSIZE.TMP file so deleting to get under quota was not immediately working
    • Editing a mailbox in admin program was clearing the authentication description
    • Not all log views were being sorted in admin program
    • SMTP options will check to make sure that the bad mail sender address is local
    • Delivering to disabled or missing mailbox, then the email was going to overflow mailbox instead of bouncing
    • Timeout registry settings for MTA pickup event set in install (pickup events were not being terminated if they ran too long)
    • Importing mailboxes from a text file will trim extra spaces around passwords and mailbox names
    • .SAV backups of config files were not using the backup rollover frequency registry setting to keep .SAVs under 7 days old
    • On install, the message store path could not be changed
    • Changing postoffice connector logging options was not indicating a restart of the service was needed
    • Large amount of recipients in outgoing command message for SMTP might not be processed
    • Autoresponders could reply to automated list messages (system generated list messages are marked as precedence list)
    • Checking for valid PTR for inbound connections in SMTP could reject connections when DNS failures/timeouts were occurring
    • Reverse DNS blacklisting was checking the first blacklist twice if it was enabled
    • Log analyzer utility was not reading logs if service log path changed after installation
    • SMTP service could crash on some inbound authentication attempts
    • Username which could not be decoded correctly in SMTP authentication was still being logged
    • POP before SMTP could purge items from Connections directory too early
    • Possible race condition issues with lock files when using Tab Delimited configuration

Version number 1.91
Operating systems Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website Mail Enable
File size


License type Freeware
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