Software Update: Lunacy 7.1

Lunacy is a free graphic design program for Windows. It has a large amount of ingrained content, such as icons, photos, masked images and illustrations. It is also able to open sketch files and use Sketch plugins. The program is being actively developed and Icons8 seems to listen carefully to the community. In version 7.1 of Lunacy, the following changes and improvements have been made:

New features

  • Privacy and share links management
    Now you can have three types of cloud documents:
    • Public – accessible for everyone with the link. Visible in your profile for other users. In one of the upcoming versions, users will be able to view profiles of other users.
    • Hidden – accessible for everyone with the link. Hidden from other users in your profile.
    • Private – accessible only with personal links that can be used only once. So, every time you want to invite a new user to a private document, you should send a new link. You can always withdraw your private link by clicking X next to the username. This will make the link invalid and throw the user out of the document.

    Note: Currently, everyone with a link to your document can edit it. Soon, you will be able to set read-only privileges.

  • Observer Mode
    The Observer Mode enables you to follow the activities of other users on the canvas. For this, click the user’s avatar in the top-right corner. You will see a colored frame around the canvas, indicating that you’re now in the Observer Mode. To exit the mode, click the user’s avatar once again.
    Note: You will only be able to view the user’s activities on the canvas. You won’t be able to see the interactions on the side panels.


  • Now you can set your own images for your avatar and the name that the other users will see during collaboration.
  • Now you can set the default emoji font. For this, go to View > Emoji Style. Available fonts are: Segoe UI Emoji, Noto Sans Emoji, Apple Color Emoji.
  • Now when a user clicks the link that you shared over a messenger or email, the link opens a page that explains how to use the link and offers to start Lunacy.
  • Ability to delete all files from Home > Deleted in a single click.
  • Font previews are now displayed in the default font language.
  • Minor Vector Tool improvements.
  • Support of HSL/HSB in the Color Picker.
  • Other minor improvements.

Fixed bugs

  • Numerous bug fixes

Version number 7.1
Release status Alpha
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Icons8
License type Freeware