Software Update: Linux Kernel 2.4.6-pre1

Liqued writes to us that the folks at are already developing kernel 2.4.6. For the people who already want a taste, they have now released pre1. Use is at your own risk as usual .

Finally, the changelog:

  • Andreas Dilger: make ext2fs react more gracefully to inode disk errors
  • Andrea Arkangeli: fix up alpha compile issues
  • Ingo Molnar: io-apic MP table parsing update and softirq latency update
  • Johannes Erdfelt: USB updates
  • Richard Henderson: alpha rawhide irq handling fixes
  • Marcelo, Andrea, Rik: more VM issues
  • Al Viro: fix various ext2 directory handling checks by biting the bullet and using the page cache.
  • Version number 2.4.6-pre1
    Operating systems Linux