Driver Update: Official nVidia Detonator 12.41

Enzo Ferrari was one of many who informed us that nVidia Finally official Detonator drivers has released for all nVidia GPUs from the TNT2. This concerns version version 12.41 with WHQL certificate. This driver has also been ‘leaked’ in beta form unofficially, but beta builds often contain extra code for debugger environments, so it is recommended to install these official drivers instead of the beta versions. These drivers, like other v10.xx+ detonator drivers, no longer have support for TNT chips.

For Windows 95/98/ME click herefor Windows NT 4.0 click here and for Windows 2000 click here† An extensive release notes PDF is available for each driver. The main points of this release are:

Release Highlights for v12.41:

  • First full DirectX® 8 driver for all NVIDIA products, supporting GeForce3’s nfiniteFX™ engine – full Pixel and Vertex Shader support for DirectX 8 and OpenGL®.
  • Designed for Windows® XP – Detonator 3 powers the next generation operating system from Microsoft.
  • Latest Quadro workstation applications
  • AMD® Athlon™ Processor and Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor optimizations
  • Improved TwinView interface
  • Professional quad-buffered stereo for Quadro products

Version number 12.41 WHQL, Official.
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website nVidia