Software update: Linux kernel 2.4.3-pre7

This time not one, but three patches in one posting. As may be assumed, this pre-production software and its use are therefore not without risk.

The changelog of 2.4.3-pre5, pre6 and pre7:


more bugs found by the automatic stanford checker, yay!

Andrew Morton: fix SAK locking bugs by moving it into a process context

Johannes Erdfelt: USB updates

Jeff Garzik: merge Hermes driver by David Gibson

Jens Axboe: cdrom merges, ll_rw_blk proper accounting


Jeff Garzik: network driver merge

Andrew Morton: fix missed page_table_lock unlock

David Miller: Qlogic, FC bufix, page allocation order problem.


Rik van Riel and others: mm rw-semaphore (ps/top ok when swapping)

IDE: 256 sectors at a time is legal, but apparently confuses some drives. Max out at 255 sectors instead.

Petko Manolov: USB pegasus driver update

make the boottime memory map printout at least almost readable.

USB driver updates

pte_alloc()/pmd_alloc() need page_table_lock.

Version number 2.4.3-pre7
Operating systems Linux