Software update: Powerstrip 3 build 124

The Source writes that a new beta version of Powerstrip 3 has been released. In this version a few features have been added for Radeon VE users and a few bugs have also been kicked out:

This one adds Radeon support for custom resolutions under Windows 2000. While custom resolutions are not available with the Radeon VE just yet, this build does add custom timings, color correction, custom refresh rates and more, to *both* the Radeon VE dual- 300MHz DAC outputs. However one judges their drivers and software, ATI’s VE easily outdoes NVidia’s TwinView and Matrox’s DualHead in terms of hardware features. Also on the hardware front, there’s better support for the ATI Mobility chips and a bug with the Voodoo Banshee is now corrected.

Build 122 also addresses a number of general problems and issues: the real-time AGP configuration routines have been re-worked, the menu accelerater characters are fixed, the color correction methods are revised to apply gamma before brightness and contrast, the application launcher properly reads shortcut command-line parameters again, there’s an added hotkey to toggle multimonitor support, and the in-game hotkeys now work inside exclusive programs like 3Dmark 2001 (I believe PowerStrip is the only program anywhere that can do something like this).

Version number 3 build 124
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000