Software update: Linux kernel 2.4.3-pre2

Already the second patch leading up to kernel 2.4.3. The ‘hottest’ item is in pre1: SMP Athlon, but without the accompanying 760MP motherboard this is just something to dream of. As always, this applies to all flavors of Linux, not just i386 .

Of course another warning: this is pre-production software that you should only install if you know what you are doing!

For completeness the changelog of both pre-1 and pre-2:


Jens Axboe: fix loop device deadlocks

Greg KH: USB updates

Alan Cox: continued merging

Tim Waugh: parport and documentation updates

Cort Dougan: PowerPC merge

Jeff Garzik: network driver updates

Justin Gibbs: new and much improved aic7xxx driver 6.1.5


Chris Mason: reiserfs, another null bytes bug

Andrea Arkangeli: make SMP Athlon build

Alexander Zarochentcev: reiserfs directory fsync SMP locking fix

Jeff Garzik: PCI network driver updates

Alan Cox: Continuous Merging

Ingo Molnar: fix RAID AUTORUN ioctl, scheduling improvements

Version number 2.4.3-pre2
Operating systems Linux