Software Update: GeForce Tweak Utility 3.0.1

On Guru3D I read that a new version of the GeForce Tweak Utility has been released. You can download version 3.0.1 here take down. Below is a list of changes:

  • Under w2k the S3TC quality option didn’t work correctly. Fixed.
  • I think the DynamicFSAA option had an error, too. I changed the value of the “Antialiasdynamicenable” entry to “4” instead of “1”. (w2k & w9x)
  • The “Anisotropic4tap” option under Beta -> D3D might help your performance / image quality! Read its help! (w9x)
  • Changes at the D3D FSAA option: The 10.50 driver does only allow up to 2×2 FSAA under D3D. (w9x)

Version number 3.0.1
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website Guru3D