Software Update: Linux Kernel 2.4.1-pre10

Another patch for the Linux kernel! And again a warning for the novice Linux user: these patches are in alpha stage, so not stable! So think before you start!

And just to be one remark in advance: this patch does not only apply to the i386 version of Linux, but of course also to other versions, but unfortunately it cannot be displayed as such here :

The ChangeLog may not be 100% complete. The physically big things are the PPC and ACPI updates, even if most people won’t notice. Linus pre10:

  • got a few too-new R128 #defines in the Radeon merge. fix.
  • tulip driver update from Jeff Garzik
  • more cpq and DAC elevator fixes from Jens. Looks good.
  • Petr Vandrovec: nicer ncpfs behaviour
  • Andy Grover: APCI update
  • Cort Dougan: PPC Update
  • David Miller: sparc updates
  • David Miller: networking updates
  • Neil Brown: RAID5 fixes

Version number 2.4.1-pre10
Operating systems Linux