Software Update: LazyCat 1.1

LazyCat is probably an unknown program to many of us. Still, it’s really handy, I couldn’t live without it. What does he do? The program makes a list of all files on your hard disk and CDROMs. This is really super fast and fully automatic. If you put a CD in the computer, it will be completely scanned in a few seconds without you noticing. If you later find a file, you just type in the file name and LazyCat tells you which directory is on which CD/HD-Partition (the label is called for CDs, or the name you may have entered yourself). Innovations in version 1.1 are:

  • group. You can assign every disks to some groups: mp3, programs, new, etc. Then you can search in these groups.
  • Wild card support. Like *.mp3 etc.
  • Manual scan option.
  • Context menus with all kinds of things! Very usefull! (those Right-click menus 🙂
  • Various export functions! _Very_ usefull if you just searched for some files and you want to export them to a file or the clipboard!
  • Automatic comment adding. (looks for a file named file_id.diz and some other files on your cd.)
  • Extensive help file.
  • Full uninstall support. (start menu items.)
  • Automatically check for new updates
  • Automatically send program statistics to me by internet. (i want to know if my program is used 🙂
  • Fixed the bugs.
  • Selective disc scanning suppression. (thanx Chuck!)
  • Database conversion. Your database will be converted automatically to newer versions!
  • Some other small things.

Version number 1.1
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000