Software Update: KeePass Password Safe 1.04

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A new version of KeePass Password Safe can be downloaded from SourceForge. This program is an open source password manager and can store accounts with associated data, such as username, password and URL, in an AES and Twofish encrypted database. The program can automatically generate passwords, import and export lists, advanced search and make use of plugins with which the functionality can be further expanded. The changelog of version 1.0.4 looks like this:

Changes in version 1.04:

  • Added dialog that lets you select an entry if multiple entries match the current window when pressing the global auto-type hotkey (previously KeePass always just used the first entry that matched, now you can select the right entry)
  • An entry now can have multiple Auto-Type-Window strings
  • User input is now blocked while KeePass is auto-typing
  • URLs in note fields are clickable now (including entry preview window)
  • KeePass now supports all protocols in URLs that delimit the protocol prefix and the address using ‘://’
  • Default auto-type sequence for TAN entries now is {PASSWORD}
  • Added option to show TANs in a more simple list view
  • Added option to show TAN indices in entry titles
  • TANs are marked as used/expired when auto-typing them
  • Fixed a bug that prevented several auto-type codes from working
  • New auto-type code: {CLEARFIELD} clears the contents of the edit control that currently has the focus
  • On Windows 2000 simple asterisks are displayed now instead of black dots as on Windows XP
  • Added option to exit the program instead of locking the workspace after the specified time
  • Added option to open a database in read-only mode
  • Added error code for ‘key file not accessible’
  • Context menus in the main window now popup lightning fast
  • Added filename filters for single group exports
  • CHM documentation file now supports full-text search
  • Added version compatibility page to the CHM documentation
  • Replaced duplicate ‘user’ icon by a ‘wireless’ icon
  • For plugin developers: parameters of _OpenDatabase and _ChangeMasterKey are now passed to the plugin (pointer array)
  • Tray icon is recreated after Windows Explorer crashes (thanks to Kenneth Ballard for the patch)
  • Renamed ‘?’ menu to ‘Help’
  • Renamed ‘Extras’ menu to ‘Tools’
  • Removed ‘Print Group’ command from ‘Edit’ in the main menu (use the context menu of a group to print it)
  • Changed menu accelerator key to close the database to Ctrl-W
  • Removed ‘Open License’ and ‘Print License’ from ‘Help’ menu
  • Moved program options from ‘Edit’ menu into ‘Tools’ menu
  • Improved main menu (fixed dots, item positions, …)
  • Added option to override entry URLs (URL-Override:)
  • Code fixes (KeePass should compile cleanly now with VC 2005)
  • Improved Unicode support (thanks to Norbert Schulze)
  • Changed font from MS Sans Serif to MS Shell Dlg
  • Translation files must now be UTF-8 encoded
  • Some dialog/lock timing improvements
  • Minor other improvements


Version number 1.04
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website SourceForge
File size


License type GPL
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