Software Update: Kdenlive 21.04

Version 21.04 of Kdenlive has been released. Kdenlive, short for KDE Non-Linear Video Editor, is an advanced non-linear video editing program designed primarily for Linux, but also has versions for Windows, BSD, and macOS, although the latter is no longer actively developed. It uses several other open source projects, such as FFmpeg and the MLT video framework. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

Speech to text

The new Speech to Text feature allows to automatically transcribe any audio to text using the Vosk speech recognition toolkit. Currently there is support for 17 languages ​​and dialects using the official models. Download the model and add it as a dictionary in the settings or simply drag and drop it. You can find more information on how to install the needed dependencies and speech models in the user manual.

Interface and Usability Improvements

This cycle received a good amount of interface and usability improvements.

Zoom bars

Besides the availability of zoombars in the monitor and keyframe scroll bars, zoombars are now available in the timeline as well. You can easily zoom in/out in the timeline by dragging the edges of the timeline scrollbar. (Vertical zoom bars coming soon.)

Key binding information

Key binding info has been added on the left while context item information has been moved to the right of the status bar.

Improved timeline visuals

The timeline got a visual overhaul with more and better looking guides/marker colors, the guides have been moved above the timeline ruler while preview and zone bars have been moved below.

New Media Browser

The new Media Browser allows you to easily navigate through your file system and add clips directly to the Bin or Timeline. You can enable it from View menu.

Improved Keyframe panel

The effect’s keyframe panel has new icons, improved keyframe grabbing and new functions.


Besides the new shiny features a lot of enhancements have been added as well like the ability to delete all effects in selected clips, ability to download LUTs directly from the interface, added Drop Area to “Master” button to drop effects to it and polishing the rotoscoping monitor overlay to name a few.


The beloved typewriter effect is back with a vengeance with 3 animation modes.

Alpha Strobe

The Alpha Strobe effect can be applied to text, images or videos.

Impact Zones

The new Effect Zones allow you to apply effects to specific regions of tracks or the timeline. Zones can be set from the effect zone bar in the timeline or from the interface in the effect panel.

Online Resources

The new online resources widget features more source footage providers such as Pixabay and Pexels besides the already available Freesound and Internet Archive. Other possible providers are being considered, see here for more details.

It is important to give credit of the downloaded sources so we’ve added an option to directly import the license attribution as a project note.

Other noteworthy fixes

  • Add AV1 render profile.
  • Add “unused clip” filter in Project Bin.
  • Add channel selection to audio waveform filter.
  • Add ITU 2020 colorspace in clip properties.
  • Re-enable audio playback on reverse speed.
  • Improved Flatpack support.
  • Allow keyboard grab or subtitles.
  • Treat GIFs as video, not as image.
  • Fix many compile warnings and prepare for Qt6.
  • Fix wipes for slideshow clips.
  • Alpha shapes: allow going outside screen.

Version number 21.04
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website kdenlive
File size


License type GPL