Software Update: Kali Linux 2022.3

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Kali Linux is a penetration testing suite and uses Debian in the background. It can run as a live image, but can of course also be installed on existing storage media. It comes with an extensive collection applications, such as Armitage, nmap, Wireshark, John the Ripper, Aircrack-ng and Burp Suite. For more information, we refer to this page. The developers at Offensive Security have released version 2022.3 of Kali Linux and the release notes for that release can be found below.

Kali Linux 2022.3 Release (Discord & Test Lab)

In light of “Hacker Summer Camp 2022” (BlackHat USA, BSides LV, and DEFCON) occurring right now, we wanted to push out Kali Linux 2022.3 as a nice surprise for everyone to enjoy! With the publishing of this blog post, we have the download links ready for immediate accessor you can update any existing installation.

The highlights for Kali’s 2022.3’s release:

For more details, see the bug tracker changelog.

Version number 2022.3
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website Kali Linux
License type Prerequisites (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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