Software Update: JBoss 4.0.3 SP1

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JBoss is an application server provided by Sun with a J2EE 1.4 certificate. You can develop and deploy Java applications, web applications and portals on this application server. You have all the possibilities of J2SEE 1.4 available with extensive enterprise services such as clustering, caching and persistence. For more information, we refer you to the information page from JBoss. Version 4.0.3 SP1 has been available for several days with the following note:

The jboss-4.0.3 release for the J2EE™ 1.4 codebase. For information on the APIs that make up J2EE 1.4, see J2EE v1.4 Documentation. For a comprehensive tutorial on J2EE 1.4, see The J2EE™ 1.4 Tutorial. A jboss-4.0.x getting started guide that is based on contents from the tutorial can be found on the JBoss web site documentation section, 4.0 Getting Started Guide.

Note: The JBossAS installer allows for arbitrary profiles of the underlying microkernel, including previews of future technologies such as EJB3 which by definition are not J2EE certified. Only the default and all installer profiles with isolation/call by value enabled correspond to J2EE certified profiles.

Bug fixed

  • [JBAS-2314] – Following reauthentication, Principal is not bound to ClusteredSingleSignOn’s SSO entry
  • [JBAS-2353] – adding to webapp’s web.xml causes ERROR [org.jboss.web.tomcat.tc5.session.JBossCacheManager] Snapshot mode must be ‘instant’ or ‘interval’ – using ‘instant’
  • [JBAS-2357] – SecurityAssociation InheritableThreadLocal not initialized correctly
  • [JBAS-2364] – Hibernate support broken (UserTransaction not bound)
  • [JBAS-2378] – security-config_4_1.xsd module option is required, should be optional
  • [JBAS-2381] – Invocation of HttpSessionBindingListener valueUnbound() not handled properly for clustered sessions
  • [JBAS-2385] – Web Services Bug Fixes for 4.0.3sp1
  • [JBAS-2387] – RunAsListener should fail gracefully when it has no associated metadata
  • [JBAS-2396] – testsuite failure for
  • [JBAS-2397] – ClassCastException on failed naming lookups when trace logging enabled on org.jnp.server.NamingServer

Version number 4.0.3 SP1
Website JBoss Inc.
License type Prerequisites (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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