Software Update: iWatermark 3.0.4

The iWatermark program can provide images with a watermark, for which there are various techniques on board to achieve high quality, such as aqua and emboss. In addition, some simple edits can also be applied to the image. For example, it can be changed in size, the quality or file format can be adjusted and a so-called thumbnail can be created. The software is being developed for both the Mac OS X and Windows platforms and both have been updated with 3.0.4 as the version number.

Version 3.0.4:

  • [fr] More precise control over the JPEG compression
  • [Add] Now alerts you when using an EXIF ​​or IPTC watermark with Meta Data preservation disabled.
  • [Bug] Fixed a bug with inserting EXIF ​​tags onto the image.
  • [Bug] Purchase & Lost Serial Links now work again.
  • [fr] When choosing Output quality can now see the difference.

Version 3.0.3:

  • [Bug] Fixed a bug in the EXIF ​​Preservation code for the JPEG comment.
  • [Bug] Found a logic error where it was possible to have more than one update thread running which caused all sorts of problems.
  • [Bug] Knock Out White now works again
  • [Bug] Meta Data Viewer, now reports a more accurate Aspect Ratio for images.
  • [Bug] Rotated and embossed watermark no longer produces unwanted colors
  • [Bug] Watermark editor Preview no longer displays images corrupted.
  • [Mod] Change the default watermark creation so it doesn’t include a return when not needed.
  • [Mod] Improved the KnockOutWhite routine (for speed and clarity)
  • [Mod] Report Sender to cope with more than one file attached.

Version 3.0.2:

  • [Add] Screen Shot facility to the Feedback System.
  • [Bug] Add,Remove and use buttons now show properly (Windows XP only)
  • [Bug] Changing the color of the background now works.
  • [Bug] Effects are now more consistent when watermark is rotated.
  • [Bug] Error Type 1 while building input menu.
  • [Bug] Error Type 7 KNF While Creating the watermark.
  • [Bug] Fixed a bug in the Windows version on loading the Watermark editor.
  • [Bug] Sample Set 6 no longer locks up the program.
  • [Bug] Sample Sets now get installed.
  • [Bug] Watermark Editor preview now respects the JPEG rotation.
  • [Bug] When no watermark sets exist, the message about creating a new watermark appears.
  • [Bug] choosing an option from the Action menu in the watermark editor no longer causes an Error Type 1 or Error Type 2.
  • [Mod] Improved Update System, made it more user friendly.
  • [Mod] Renamed ‘+’ to ‘Add’ and ‘-‘ to ‘Remove’ in the watermark editor to make it clearer for people.
  • [Mod] The help system can now be used while the application is on a locked volume, such as the DMG it come on.

Version 3.0.1:

  • [Add] New Error Reporter and Feedback System.
  • [Add] On First run installs a ‘Sample’ watermark set.
  • [Add] Size 144 to the Size combo box and update the Helptag so that people can see they can manually enter a value.
  • [Add] Tested with a 94mb TIFF image (33.1 megapixel) and iWatermark processed it.
  • [Add] When creating a new watermark Auto populate the text field
  • [Bug] Error Type 7 Processing: Meta Data Found, Reading the EXIF ​​Data…
  • [Bug] Fixed a bug with the installer not creating the help files correctly. (Windows only)
  • [Mod] Rename ‘Constraint’ to ‘Scale’
  • [Mod] Rename ‘There is a problem’ to ‘See below’ and set it in a Red tone along with the explaniation text.
  • [Mod] ensure that the watermark gets set to dirty when all changes are made

Version 3.0.0:

  • [Add] CMYK JPEGs are now converted to RGB on open. Please note that CMYK export is not exported.
  • [Add] Will now check the image type before it tries to process the image, this prevents it from producing an error when it cannot open an image.
  • [Bug] Changing the position of the image and text to left of text no longer causes an error type 1.
  • [Bug] Fixed a Typo on the Advanced pane.
  • [Bug] Fixed problem with bundles
  • [Bug] Bundling a watermark set now asks you to save it if it needs to be saved.
  • [Bug] Can now drag files into the folder wells again (Windows only)
  • [Bug] Changing the style of the text now sets the watermark to dirty.
  • [Bug] Chnaging the current watermark set name no longer breaks the relationship.
  • [Bug] Copy to Clipboard now works again.
  • [Bug] Create Mac OS X creates correctly sized icons now. (Mac OS X only)
  • [Bug] Error Type 5 has been fixed. (Windows only)
  • [Bug] Fixed a bug when using a watermark that contains both text and picture.
  • [Bug] Fixed a logic error where you could edit a watermark set without one being selected in the watermark list.
  • [Bug] Fixed the help system for Windows (Windows only)
  • [Bug] Meta Data Explorer no longer crashes iWatermark (Windows only)
  • [Bug] Meta Data Explorer now works more reliably.
  • [Bug] Meta Data no longer causes an error on close. (Mac OS X only)
  • [Bug] No longer crashes when processing a CMYK jpeg.
  • [Bug] Now displays the watermark preview when the window opens. (Windows only)
  • [Bug] Scroll bar on the Meta Data Explorer now is active if it needs to be on window open.
  • [Bug] Watermark Editor: Save as picture now works again.
  • [Bug] Watermark editor now works in 800 x 600 screen size.
  • [Bug] iWatermark now remembers the Thumbnail folder.
  • [Bug] removing an image now removes it from the preview.
  • [Mod] Can now click on the first part of the watermark list to change the watermark set in use.
  • [Mod] Changing the cotent of watermark is now done on the image pane.
  • [Mod] Icons are now in place with the Effects list.
  • [Mod] If no watermark set has been chosen on closing the Watermark Editor, it now asks you if you would like to choose one.
  • [Mod] If watermarking is disabled when closing the watermark editor, it now prompts you to see if you want to enable watermarking.
  • [Mod] Improved the ‘Background’ of a watermark
  • [Mod] Improved the ‘rotation’ of a watermark
  • [Mod] Improved the performance on ‘watched folders’
  • [Mod] Improved the underlying methods for changing the watermark set.
  • [Add] Ability to batch add IPTC info to processed pictures.
  • [Add] Ability to remove, show in finder and get info on files in folderwell
  • [Add] Auto Process option, will watermark images as soon as added.
  • [Add] Meta Data Explorer – see all the meta data stored in your images.
  • [Add] Meta Data Explorer Gives a real world idea of ​​the picture size.
  • [Add] New Improved help system
  • [Add] Simply Convert, allows iWatermark to be used to batch convert image formats without any other options involved.
  • [Add] When choosing the file format gives an indication of the file size
  • [Bug] Fix bug with the TIFF creation allowing TIFFs to be created at higher resolution.
  • [Mod] ColorSync now only looks at PSD files and TIFFs (improves the routine for other image formats)
  • [Mod] Improved the ‘Watch Input folders’ to allow for multiple folders to be dropped in and far efficient management.
  • [Mod] Moved the registration code into the preferences.
  • [Mod] Preferences has been greatly improved.
  • [Mod] Speed ​​improvements while processing
  • [Mod] Watermark editor now has its own window
  • [Add] Ability to edit the IPTC data of a picture.
  • [Add] Ability to use any EXIF ​​tag within the watermark.
  • [Add] Ability to use any IPTC tag within the Watermark.
  • [Add] Apple Address Book Integration
  • [Add] Can now filter out files for processing them.
  • [Add] Numbering to the file names.
  • [Add] Replace the rotation slider with a text box
  • [Add] Respects the Orientation from the EXIF ​​tags
  • [Add] iDisk integration
  • [Add] iPhoto Integration

[break]The following two flavors are available:
Mac OS X 10.3 or later
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

Version number 3.0.4
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, macOS
Website scripting software
License type Shareware