Software Update: AlmostVPN 0.9.7

AlmostVPN is a Preference Panel for the Mac OS X platform that allows you to set up different ssh tunnels. It uses launchd to power these ssh tunnels and can import tunnel definitions from the SSH Tunnel Manager and SSHKeychain programs. With AlmostVPN you can easily mount remote volumes via an SSH tunnel, for example. Version 0.9.7 is available with the following changes:

What’s New:

    All AlmostVPN users who had problems trying to get “AlmostVPN Connections” to services provided by ssh gateway box itself… All who keep receiving “fingerprint changed” message for no apparent reason… This version should help. If you really want to know what was the problem and how it was fixed, you can read about it here.

    In other news, first preview (screen movies) of AlmostVPN/Pro is available. Share and Enjoy!

What Was Fixed Since 0.9.6:

  • Ticket #78. Stops working with broken pipe error
  • Ticket #91. not starting
  • Ticket #94. kill-9
  • Ticket #95. Using alternative SSH ports does not work
  • Ticket #97. “kill launchd” does not do anything on Panther


Version number 0.9.7
Operating systems macOS
Website LeapingBytes
File size


License type Freeware