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Jordan Russell Software has released version 6.0.2 of Inno Setup, the first stable release in the 6.x series. This program makes it easy to create installation packages for Windows. The program provides the ability to add information to the registry, provides ini files to create shortcuts, and has the ability to compress the installation files. Furthermore, an uninstaller can of course be added and different languages ​​can be selected during installation. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

Changes in Cersion 6.0.2

  • Added new {sysnative} constant.
  • Pascal Scripting changes:
    • Added new WizardSelectComponents and WizardSelectTasks support functions.
    • Renamed the IsComponentSelected and IsTaskSelected support functions to WizardIsComponentSelected and WizardIsTaskSelected. The old names are still supported, but it is recommended to update your scripts to the new names and the compiler will issue a warning if you don’t.
  • Minor cosmetic fixes.

Changes in cersion 6.0.1 beta

  • Fix: In 6.0.0 it was no longer possible to use [Setup] section directiveInfoAfterFile.
  • Pascal Scripting changes:
    • Fix: Added Anchors properties to all controls created by the Create…Page support functions to add full support for WizardResizable and WizardSizePercent.
    • Updated the AllPagesExample.iss example script with examples of all Create…Page support functions.
    • The multi-line edit control created by the CreateOutputMsgMemoPage support function now has a more modern look.
  • Added official German translation.
  • Demoted the official Greek, Hungarianand Scottish Gealic translations to unofficial because of a no longer available maintainer. To send updates yourself, see this post for what needs updating and use this form to send updates (or use GitHub). see the Inno Setup Translations page for more information.
  • Other documentation improvements.

Changes in cersion 6.0.0 beta

Inno Setup 6 introduces a large number of changes:

administrative vs. non-administrative install mode

A number of changes have been made to the administrative vs. non-administrative install mode functionality:

  • Added new “auto” constants which automatically map to their “common” form unless the installation is running in non administrative install mode, in which case they map to their “user” form. It is recommended to update your scripts to use these “auto” constants as much as possible to avoid mistakes. The list of added “auto” constants is: {autoappdata}, {autocf}, {autocf32}, {autocf64}, {autodesktop}, {autodocs}, {autopf}, {autopf32}, {autopf64}, {autoprograms}, {autostartmenu}, {autostartup}, and {autotemplates}.
  • Updated all examples and the Compiler IDE’s New Script Wizard to use {autopf} instead of {pf}, etc.
  • Change in default behavior: The “common” shell folder constants are no longer mapped to their “user” form if the installation is running in non administrative install mode. Instead they simply return the requested common directory. The list of affected “common” constants is: {commonappdata}, {commondesktop}, {commondocs}, {commonprograms}, {commonstartmenu}, {commonstartup}, and {commontemplates}.
  • The {pf} and {cf} constants have been renamed to {commonpf} and {commoncf}. This includes {pf32} to {commonpf32}, etc. The old names are still supported, but it is recommended to update your scripts to the new names and the compiler will issue a warning if you don’t.
  • The {commonfavorites} constant has been removed: this directory doesn’t exist anymore in Windows.
  • The {userpf}, {usercf}, and {username} constants and the AlwaysUsePersonalGroup [Setup] section directive can now correctly trigger a used user areas warning.
  • Pascal Scripting change: Removed the GetShellFolder support function. As the help file already recommended, use ExpandConstant instead.
  • Added new [Registry] section Root value HKA. Equals HKLM in administrative install mode, and HKCU otherwise. Also supported by {reg:…} constants and HKA32/HKA64 are also supported. Note: HKA (like HKCU) should only be used for settings which are compatible with roaming profiles.
  • using [Registry] section Root value HKCR is no longer recommended, use HKA with the Subkey parameter set to “Software\Classes” instead.
  • Pascal Scripting change: Added HKA and HKEY_AUTO constants. HKA32, HKA64, HKEY_AUTO_32, and HKEY_AUTO_64 are also supported.
  • The Compiler IDE’s New Script Wizard now offers an option to select administrative or non administrative install mode and outputs scripts which work in both modes.
  • Pascal Scripting change: Added new IsAdminInstallMode support function.
  • Added a Non Administrative Install Mode topic to the help file.

Version number 6.0.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Jordan Russell Software
File size


License type GPL
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