Software Update: Home Assistant Core 0.118.0

Version 0.118 of Home Assistant Core has been released. Home Assistant Core is an open source home automation platform that runs under Python 3. It runs via Hassbian on a Raspberry Pi 3 or a Linux, macOS or Windows computer. It supports detecting devices such as Nest thermostats, Philips Hue, Belkin WeMo switches, Mr. Coffee makers, the smart switches from IKEA and the mqtt protocol. In addition, it can control these devices and apply automation where possible. For more information, please refer to this page and our own Forum. The announcement for this release can be found below.

0.118: Grid and logbook cards, quick navigation, native template types

The second last release of 2020, while the end of the year is slowly closing in.This also means we have only one more release left this year… And we plan to finish the year with a big bang! Also announced: the Home Assistant Conference. I am really excited about that one! The last major release of this year will be during the conference on December 13.

Back to 0.118! Some nice additions this release: Navigating around with the Quick bar (oh, I just love that feature), some new Lovelace cards, native types in templates is now the default and the Nest thermostat is back! All in all, a fine release, with an exciting one ahead of us.


Version number0.118.0
Release statusFinal
Operating systemsscript language
WebsiteHome Assistant
License typeGPL