Monster Hunter movie trailer shows many big guns and monsters

A trailer for the upcoming Monster Hunter movie has been released. It contains many monsters, weapons and other elements from the games. This is in contrast to a previous short teaser. The film will be released on December 4.

The new trailer contains a minute and a half of footage and a lot of action. The latter also applied to the short teaser released in October, but in it Lieutenant Artemis and her unit attacked a monster with traditional weapons. That teaser was criticized by fans because the style was little like that of the games.

In the new trailer, Artemis takes a different approach with her team. Machine guns have been exchanged for bows, big swords and fire. This makes the new images much more like what gamers are used to from the Monster Hunter franchise.

The new trailer is intended for the Chinese market and put on YouTube by the French website Gamergen. The film will be released on December 4 and is directed by Paul WS Anderson, who also directed the Resident Evil and Mortal Kombat films. Milla Jovovich plays the lead role. It is unclear whether the film will appear in cinemas or whether a different release is chosen due to the corona situation, such as an introduction to streaming services.