Software Update: GnuCash 3.8

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Version 3.8 of GnuCash has been released. GnuCash is a cross platform and open source accounting program for individuals and small businesses. It uses the double-entry accounting system and is able to easily keep track of, for example, bank accounts, investments, income and expenses, budgets, mortgages and loans and can of course create reports and graphs. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

Between 3.7 and 3.8, the following bug fixes were accomplished:

  • Bug 412151 – Not handling exception when guile is compiled w/o regexp support
    disable qif-import and make-regexp if guile is compiled without regex
  • Bug 724219 – Customer Summary includes Closing Entries when reporting across the end of year
  • Bug 743943 – “Edit->Post Invoice” is ambiguous Read invoice type and set label and tooltip texts to the translations of static definitions. Remove unnecessary list counts.
  • Bug 759005 – Print negatives in red
  • Bug 787295 – Allow UI jump from Business accounts to their relevant invoice/bill/voucher
  • Bug 796530 – [txn csv importer] usability suggestions
  • Bug 796736 – Register cell pop up columns width to narrow
  • Bug 796945 – Search dialog update
  • Bug 797078 – “Automatic decimal point” Should Not Cause 2 Different Behaviors
  • Bug 797086 – Import customer dialog – headers not translated
  • Bug 797279 – Reports RTL do not support RTL
  • Bug 797326 – Enhancement: budget’s Estimate tool should ignore Closing Entries
  • Bug 797356 – ninja check fails with GCC-9
  • Bug 797390 – xaccAccountRecomputeBalance also tallies no-closing balances
  • Bug 797397 – Import Map Editor, Ctrl-A with filter
  • Bug 797401 – Invoice Reports need an overall page width set
    Use html5 @media to set main-table to page width.
  • Bug 797405 – : Fix hiding PIN entry window behind online banking log window
    If there is a log window, make the PIN entry transient_for that one instead of its parent.
  • Bug 797408 – Find Transaction Window -> Search Criteria Section -> Add Search Criteria -> Section does not expand to new size to include a newly added Search Criteria
  • Bug 797416 – Enter key does not move to blank tx or next line
  • Bug 797418 – In budget report, column with Actual Totals for Liabilities and Income are reversed
  • Bug 797453 – Chart of Accounts is slow to update / redraw
  • Bug 797459 – Installation (for 3.7) Readme Version number shows 2.2.x
  • Bug 797462 – gnc:strify reports the amount and value incorrectly
  • Bug 797468 – Receivable Aging report – phantom company with negative total
  • Bug 797473 – UTF8 characters not processed correctly with aqbanking6
  • Bug 797481 – crash on close of unsaved tabs by pressing [X]
  • Bug 797482 – Can’t edit date when using Edit Payment function
  • Bug 797492 – Lock up on ‘Find Account’
  • Bug 797500 – valgrind errors – new/delete vs malloc/free
  • Bug 797506 – New Aging errors out with guile backtrace in case of a few uncommon transactions
  • Bug 797519 – Budget Viewer Totals do not redraw upon to Sign-Reversal changes
  • Bug 797520 – ]Balance Sheet (Multicolumn) the retained earnings amount in the equity section has its sign reversed
  • Bug 797521 – Receivable Aging (beta): prepayments logic doesn’t work, appears to use incorrect absolute value logic
  • Bug 797532 – Crash/Coredump Lots

The following fixes and improvements were not associated with bug reports:

  • The Customer/Employee/Vendor reports have been rewritten. The new versions may be found in Reports>Experimental.
  • [stylesheet-css] a user-customisable CSS based stylesheet New stylesheet.
    Exposes a single text box for full CSS customization.
  • Allow account selection by typing into the post-to field of the payment window
  • When sizing some register columns take account of ‘Tot’ being added.
  • Take account for the pop up button border in the register.
  • Change the date sample so it has the maximum text width possible
  • [new-owner-report] bug fix: balance row needs variable linked cols
  • Improve translations by scriptedly removing the removed colon suffix.
  • [report-utilities] bug fix: aging list was incorrect. off by 1 error.
  • [report-utilities] bug fix: overpayment works for AP accounts.
  • Swap the buttons around on the Budget Open dialogue
    Swap the OK and Cancel buttons so they conform to the normal layout.
  • [report-utilities] bug fix: fix overpayment detection
    For 1 payment to >1 invoices, previously would miscalculate overpayment.
  • [budgets.scm] Budget reports handle both natural & reversed budgets.
    This change is protected by a Feature: Using it will prevent the file from being opened by earlier versions of GnuCash.
  • [gnc-budget-view.c] totals – 5 fundamental types
    previous showed income/expense/transfers/totals budget totals, of uncertain meaning. now shows income/expense/asset/liability/equity budget totals. The 5 lines also become sensitive to the global sign-reverse property.
  • binding-python – drop references to gnucash-env
    We no longer ship a gnucash-env script, directly use python(3) instead
  • [balsheet-pnl] fix: single-date ballsheet missed printing date
  • [balsheet-pnl] fix: hide Equity sections when not needed
    • If currencies are not converted, Unrealized Gains are meaningless. hide them.
    • If there are no income/expense accounts, retained earnings will be nil. Remove row.
  • Ignore trailing noise on imported transaction account numbers.
    AQBanking6 uses a separate method for retrieving account numbers for account info and transactions, where the transactions method can have additional characters, most often the ISO4217 currency code. That results in match failures when importing. As a work-around, compare only the length of the account-info-generated online id when comparing it to the transaction-generated one. Note that this is only a partial solution: At least one German bank also appends characters to the transaction-generated bank id and that will still cause the match to fail.
  • [dialog-payment] Add warning label if payment is unattached
    Completing a payment for a customer without associating with an open invoice is allowable and is used for prepayments. Enable a warning to inform that the payment does not have an invoice/bill document attached.
  • [aging] update error reporting
    This error handling was for transactions in APAR accounts whereby Transaction Currency != Owner Currency. An example is a manually entered transaction, then assigned as payment to a customer with a different currency.
  • Fixed German IBAN error message
  • Allow edit of some fields for posted invoice
    Allow editing of some fields for posted invoice. For reasons, see bug report:
  • [average-balance] show monetaries instead of numbers in data table
  • UK VAT template: replace obsolete EEC and EC by EU
  • Implement the presentation of static optical TAN challenges (photoTAN and QR) inside the enter TAN dialogue.
  • [budget] fixcrash: fix crasher for some periods
    eg. the following combo would previously crash: – periods from next to current – use accumulated amounts
  • [budget] fixcrash: prevent crash if periods start > end
    It’s silly to input start-period > end-period. Nevertheless, handle it by swapping them instead of crashing. ie report budget periods from end to start.
  • [budget-flow] fixcrash: exchange-fn needs to specify exchange date
    because some exchange-fn *do* require date eg. pricedb-nearest. use the period end-date for the exchange date.
  • [portfolio report] There’s no report currency. Use currency.
  • [window-report] show backtrace when report crashes
    • Exposes a SCM string last-captured-error containing last backtrace
    • when rendering report-crash window, include it

New Scheme Functions:

  • gnc:html-markup-ol: creates an HTML ordered list.
  • gnc:multiline-to-html-textt: creates html-text with
  • gnc:make-html-table-cell/min-width: Create a table-cell with min-width style attribute
  • gnc:collector+ and gnc:collector-

API Deprecations:

  • gnc:html-table-append-ruler/at!
  • gnc:html-table-remove-last-row!

We have revised translations for

  • Chinese(Simplified)
  • Croatian
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Ukrainian

Known Issues:

  • Bug 795383 – Gnucash crashes on import of a 1400-transaction (or more) CSV file
  • Bug 796955 – Import CSV – Single-line two-currency transactions can’t be imported
  • Bug 796992 – gnucash –add-price-quotes can’t parse drive letters on Windows.
  • Bug 796997 – Currency Conversion Dialog appears when recording transactions between same currency accounts.
  • Bug 797006 – Balance is misleading in “open subaccounts” when different currencies are involved
  • Bug 797037 – Counter formats not saving
  • Bug 797064 – crash when try print report
  • Bug 797083 – Gnucash crashes when trying to rename budget
  • Bug 797092 – Save As fails: tries to save to reserved directory if path contains spaces
  • Bug 797113 – Scrubbing crashes when creating small splits that round to value 0.
  • Bug 797114 – Fixing an SX due to deleted account stuck in an error loop
  • Bug 797115 – Can’t ‘re-activate’ an expired SX
  • Bug 797133 – CSV Import or multicurrency transaction export in multiline form
  • Bug 797211 – Very slow UI – dependent on window size
  • Bug 797220 – delete account allows move of all transactions to account having non-matching currency
  • Bug 797236 – Regression: Reconcile window transaction list resets to top when new transaction created in account
  • Bug 797264 – 3.5 can’t use Chinese IME input
  • Bug 797283 – Permanent hang on clicking on report tabs
  • Bug 797285 – QIF import fails and then crashes
  • Bug 797293 – Crash when import “U+R” or “R”
  • Bug 797294 – Billing functions freezing
  • Bug 797318 – Amounts ending in zero displayed as fractions
  • Bug 797325 – [Windows 7] Reports with charts will not load
  • Bug 797329 – Using Japanese IME to enter transactions results in unexpected field jumps
  • Bug 797334 – Crash on attempting to change account separator character
  • Bug 797335 – Crash on subsequent Open after accidentally Opening the current file
  • Bug 797336 – CSV Accounts import fails on UTF-8 e-acute in account name
  • Bug 797345 – Selecting item in tax table causes gnucash to crash
  • Bug 797348 – Wrong column order for RTL writing in GUI elements
  • Bug 797351 – General ledger register transaction becomes “zombie” after deletion
  • Bug 797363 – Consistent Silent Crash on Converting Saved Reports from 2.6 to 3.6
  • Bug 797368 – Cannot download Quantity information from a CSV to a mutual
  • Bug 797384 – Gnucash doesn’t handle commodity prices with big numerator/denominator properly
  • Bug 797385 – Report html files NOT opening in Reports tab or window due to webkit Frame Load Interrupted error
  • Bug 796492 – Wrong calculation of the first occurrence
  • Bug 797512 – Transaction with stock symbol XLU won’t balance, symbol IXLU does.
  • Bug 797514 – Changing transaction unreconciles a split inconsistently
  • Bug 797518- 3.7 Opening another file and canceling on unsaved transaction hangs/crashes
  • Bug 797522 – Focus after reconcile jumps to a different account

Version number 3.8
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website GnuCash
License type GPL
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