Software update: Ghostscript 8.70

Last Friday version 8.70 of Ghostscript was released. Ghostscript is an open source interpreter for the Adobe-invented markup language PostScript, a programming language for describing a set of text and images in a device-independent manner. In this way, a PostScript file should in principle be printed the same by every laser printer. Version 8.70, the first version to be released under GPLv3 license, fixes several issues with transparency, among other things. Below are the release notes for this version:

Version 8.70

This is the first release in a new stable series of Ghostscript releases. The GhostPDL release number has been set to 8.70 as well, to make it easier to identify corresponding releases.

This release fixes a large number of issues with transparency, especially as it interacts with color space conversion, mask contexts and patterns. There have also been a number of significant fixes to font handling, especially when generating PDF. And there are numerous robustness, correctness and performance improvements.

New generic Esc/Page devices, eplmono and eplcolor were added to the contrib directory. A new cdnj500 device was added to support the HP DesignJet 500.

The licensing of the Free version of the core Ghostscript code has been changed to GPLv3 or later. Previously, the core code was GPLv2 only. Ghostscript can now be used with GPLv3 applications, and can no longer be used with applications that are GPLv2-only.

This release also includes security fixes addressing CVE-2009-0583 and CVE-2009-0792.

Version number 8.70
Release status Final
Website Ghost script
File sizes 12.00MB – 18.60MB
License type GPL