Software update: Freeciv 2.2.1

Gamers who spent a lot of time on Sid Meier’s Civilization, which was released for DOS by Microprose in 1991, should be careful not to get addicted again. Since 1995, a group of developers has been working under the name Freeciv to make an open source version based on this turn-based strategy game. The players of this game start in the year 4000 BC with a handful of settlers and try to establish a successful civilization. For more information, we refer you to this and this pages. The developers released version 2.2.1 a few days ago and provided the following list of changes:

Version 2.2.1:

  • Stability fixes and refactoring.
  • client-sdl: Push the maximum resolution to 3200×2400 in options.
  • Make impossible to change the server settings trademindist when the game is running.
  • Fixed the display of workable tiles when investigating foreign cities.
  • Improved server logging.
  • client-gtk2: Canceling server logon takes you back to the main menu.
  • Fixed a bug where you were unable to initiate diplomatic meetings with other players under certain circumstances.
  • Internationalization and string fixes.
  • Fixed bugs with voting.
  • client-gtk2 Use city id instead of name in the goto dialog.
  • Fixed a bug where air bases wouldn’t work on certain tiles.
  • Improved city illness.
  • Do not show new city dialog if city cannot be built
  • client-gtk2: Made the unit info label scrollable to prevent the map view to resize.
  • Do not show team name in victory message in the case there’s only one team member.
  • Improved documentation.
  • Fixed goto turn time calculations.
  • Fixed a bug where the -M command line parameter was ignored.
  • Improvements to Lua scripting.
  • Fixed configuration and compilation warnings.
  • Added a column for plague risk in city report.
  • Fixed bugs with loading saved games.
  • Fixed the display of global warming / nuclear winter in the client.
  • Disallowed paradrops inside peaceful foreign borders.
  • Give a palace to nations split off by civil war.
  • Fixed editor UI bugs.
  • client-gtk2: Made ‘Work’ menu adapt to terrain for multiple units on single tile.
  • Introduced Lake terrain in more scenario maps.
  • Fixed minor issues with isotrident and amplio tilesets.
  • client-gtk2: Made the pregame player context menu stay open with one click.
  • Disallowed transporter units to load into themselves.
  • Don’t close client dialogs when switching tileset.
  • client-gtk2: Made client work with GTK versions older than 2.6.
  • client-gtk2: Added tooltips for columns in the city report.
  • Made improvement upkeep visible in “Info” column or worklist editor.
  • Fixed mangled server “help options” output.
  • client-gtk2: Improved the “Start Scenario Game” page.
  • client-gtk2: Center map view at start of first game.
  • Show pillage activity in middle click map popup.
  • Create ruins for disbanded cities.
  • Avoid getting migrants that starve to death instantly.
  • client-gtk2: Improvements diplomacy dialog.
  • client-gtk2: Sort the science dialog technologies in alphabetical order.
  • Do not require an extra endline at the end of ruleset files.
  • client-sdl: Fixed bug where popups were not displayed.
  • Fixes to file.
  • Avoid transforming a city tile to a terrain that won’t support the city.
  • Fixed a bug with the France scenario that caused trouble building improvements the first few turns.
  • Fixed bugs with the CMA UI.
  • Reworked pillaging.
  • Changed the build system to work better with shared libraries.
  • Fixed typos in civil war nations.
  • Made linking work with binutils gold.
  • Updated translations: Ukrainian, Korean, Catalan, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian

Version number 2.2.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista
Website Freecivi
License type GPL