Software update: Factorio 1.1.7

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Factorio is a ‘building and management’ game where the main character has crashed on an alien planet. The goal is to collect raw materials and process them into semi-finished products several times to eventually build a rocket that will allow you to leave the planet. More information can be found on the website of the game and also on our Forum you can visit this topic for player experiences. The developer has released version 1.1.7 in the experimental branch with the following changes:

Version 1.1.7


  • Changed wire drawing to always have the same opacity regardless of ghost/electric poles being connected.
  • More specific error message when a blueprint cannot be flipped.
  • More specific message when copy pasting spidertron with equipment grid.
  • Color differentiation for robot overview on the map (yellow = construction, white = logistics, cyan = mobile, green = personal).
  • When dragging electric pole, the next pole is built once the max distance was reached instead of when it was exceeded.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed that blueprints containing offshore pumps couldn’t be flipped. (92246)
  • Fixed spidertron leg could get permanently stuck when many ghost and entity avoidance requests stack up. (93050)
  • Fixed script error in entity transfer tutorial. (92587)
  • Fixed objective sound duplication in Tutorial level 01. (92099)
  • Renamed interface settings “show tutorial notifications” to “show tips and tricks notifications”.
  • Fixed fast rebuilding pump to change direction. (92322)
  • Fixed that it wasn’t possible to build train stop next to ghost rails. (93137)
  • Fixed uses of Enter as the confirm key. (92056)
  • Fixed that power pole dragging did not power all ghosts. (93115)
  • Fixed crash related to radar status. (93074)
  • Fixed that script was able to place overlapping rails when they were of different type. (93181)
  • Fixed that spidertron didn’t move leg preventing ghost curved rail to be built in some cases.
  • Fixed that E to confirm didn’t work on the connection error notice boxes.
  • Fixed ghost fast replace of pipe to ground.
  • Fixed that rail ghost was considered as colliding with rail to be deconstructed. (93227)
  • Fixed inserter’s custom vector flip behavior in blueprints. (93191)
  • Fixed that power poles didn’t keep their connection configuration when they died.
  • Fixed inserter status related to placing items into full chest in some cases. (93188)
  • Fixed a crash when installing mods due to the background simulation. (93322)
  • Fixed copying spidertron logistic filters didn’t work correctly with empty filters. (93224)
  • Fixed trains limit could be violated when pasting settings onto train stop when it changes station name. (93458)
  • Fixed desync when changing value of LuaEntity::tree_stage_index. (93542)
  • Fixed that building constant combiner over ghost with different direction would not keep settings. (93622)
  • Fixed a crash related to modding rail signal wires. (93681)
  • Fixed that burner rocket silos didn’t work correctly. (93640)
  • Fixed that the lab GUI would show incorrect research level if multiple levels were queued. (93256)
  • Fixed that the max-players settings didn’t persist correctly between hosting games. (93361)
  • Fixed a crash when exiting the game while some notice boxes are visible. (93723)
  • Fixed blueprint chart rendering or rotated blueprints wasn’t correct in some cases. (93609)
  • Fixed using script rendering animations in simulations would crash the game. (93443)
  • Fixed fast electric pole dragging logic with obstacles in the way. (91698)
  • Widened campaign level selection list box, so all of our level names can fit. (91661)
  • Fixed blueprint setup window left part being cut a little when there are so many components that they need a scroll bar. (92106)
  • Fixed that tips & tricks notification window was visible also when playing tutorial.
  • Fixed tips & tricks notice not being cleared when the tip was finished by playing tutorial before marking as read. (92261)
  • Fixed that changing parent style of a gui element didn’t clear the internal style values ​​and didn’t resize it until the game was reloaded. (93070)


  • Setting a tooltip on a ‘slider’ custom gui element will set the tooltip to both the body and the notch. (93069)
  • Added override_sound_type to LuaPlayer::play_sound, LuaSurface::play_sound, LuaGameScript::play_sound, and LuaForce::play_sound. (93067)
  • Added “item” to LuaSurface::create_entity. (93004)
  • Added create_build_effect_smoke to LuaEntity::clone(), LuaSurface::clone_area(), ::clone_brush(), and ::clone_entities().
  • Added LuaRecipePrototype::allow_inserter_overload read.
  • Added defines.train_state.destination_full.
  • Added LuaEntity::torso_orientation read/write.
  • Added LuaGameScript::font_prototypes read.
  • Added LuaFontPrototype.
  • Added LuaItemStack::create_grid().


  • Added RecipePrototype::allow_inserter_overload bool (true by default). When true, it increases the ingredient overload of the recipe by 4 times the current stack inserter stack size.
  • Added dynamic_recipe_overload_factor, minimum_recipe_overload_multiplier and maximum_recipe_overload_multiplier to utility constants.
  • Added train_auto_without_schedule_penalty to the train pathfinder utility constants.

Version number 1.1.7
Release status unstable
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Factorio
License type Paid
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