Software update: Factorio 1.1.2

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Factorio is a ‘building and management’ game where the main character has crashed on an alien planet. The goal is to collect resources and process them into semi-finished products several times to eventually build a rocket that will allow you to leave the planet. More information can be found on the website of the game and also on our Forum you can visit this topic for player experiences. The developer has released version 1.1.2 in the experimental branch with the following changes:

Version 1.1.2 – Bug fixes

  • Fixed that [set, clear]_[personal, vehicle]_logistic_slot would not update the GUI slot count correctly. (91812)
  • Fixed that electricity buffer was shown twice in electric-energy-interface entity tooltips. (91769)
  • Fixed LuaFluidBox::get_flow would return incorrect values ​​of flow and would only account for outflow. (91875)
  • Fixed that writing to the script-output folder didn’t work correctly. (91884)
  • Fixed lane priorities of splitters in blueprints would not get flipped when flipping blueprint in some cases. (91904)
  • Fixed a performance issue with the SteelSeries hardware integration. (91912)
  • Fixed splitter lane priorities were not flipped when pasting flipped blueprint of top of existing splitter ghosts.
  • Fixed that it was possible to make ghost belts on top of each other by script, which could lead to desync.
  • Fixed migration of invalid ghosts or previous versions. (91864)
  • Fixed some of the missing entity statuses. (91889)
  • Fixed that it wasn’t possible to interact with widgets at the bottom center of the screen in main menu. (91686)
  • Fixed crash in EntityWithOwner::checkConsistency caused by inconsistent to be upgraded state. (91685)
  • Fixed a freeze when using specific saves for simulations. (91953)
  • Fixed several mining drills in the nuclear power menu simulation had no fluid inputs. (91887)
  • Fixed that lamp tooltips could wrongly show them as producing pollution. (92059)
  • Fixed furnace progress bars wouldn’t render correctly at 100%. (92013)
  • Fixed that recipe notifications would show in some cases where they shouldn’t. (91869)
  • Fixed that non-electric inserters would always start with some energy. (92086)
  • Fixed crash when undo created electric pole ghost in some cases. (91945)
  • Fixed that first slot in last row of logistics would not create next row of logistics slots. (92107)
  • Fixed that the distance limit when rotating was applied also on rotating of ghosts. (92122)

Version number 1.1.2
Release status unstable
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Factorio
License type Paid
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