Software Update: Exponent 0.96.4

Exponent is a modern CMS written in PHP and needs a relational database like MySQL. The package takes care of all technical matters itself, making it easy to use. For an overview of the possibilities and what the package looks like as standard, we refer you to this page. The developers have released version 0.96.4 which fixes a number of security vulnerabilities. The announcement looks like this:

Exponent 0.96.4 Maintenance Release

0.96.4 was released today. This maintenance release addresses most of the security issues that have been formally reported in the bug and vulnerability trackers.

This release also marks the return of myself (James) to the reins of Exponent. For a while it may have looked like Exponent would die, but thanks to the efforts of a few die-hard devotees (thanks Gerrit) we are still here and are soon to make a big comeback. Stay tuned.

Version number 0.96.4
Website Exponent
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License type GPL