Software Update: EditPad Lite 8.0.2

JGsoft has released version 8.0.2 of its free text editor EditPad Lite. This program is not intended for programmers, who should use EditPad Pro, RJ TextEd or Notepad++. This is more of a replacement for the Notepad that comes with Windows. Unlike Notepad, EditPad Lite can open an unlimited number of files in the same screen, has no limit on the size of files to open, and the number of undos and redos is unlimited. EditPad Lite is free for private use, but businesses can purchase a license if there is no need for all extras that the Pro version offers. Since version 8.0, the following changes and improvements have been made:

EditPad Lite 8.0.2

Bug fixes:

  • Options|Right-to-Left: Switching between different files with one file using a left-to-right and the other a right-to-left text layout now repositions the vertical scroll bar to match the text layout of the file switched to.
  • Options|Right-to-Left: Tabs were not laid out correctly when using a right-to-left text layout.
  • Preferences|Editor: Also highlighting lines wrapped from the active line did not always highlight the correct lines and did not remove the highlight when losing keyboard focus (if the option to maintain the highlighting was off).
  • Search|Find Previous would show the message that regular expressions cannot search backwards as many times as it had lines to search through when the Line By Line search option was turned on.
  • Search|Highlight All: When highlighting the matches of a regular expression in line by line mode, all lines visible below the bottommost visible line that needed to be highlighted were also highlighted.

EditPad Lite 8.0.1


  • Forum: Ctrl+Shift+C copies the subject of the selected conversation or the summary of the selected message.
  • Options|Import Preferences now refuses to import .ini files that were not exported by Options|Export Preferences.

Bug fixes:

  • EditPad Lite 8.0.0 did not initialize its progress meter causing any command that may show a progress meter to fail with an access violation.
  • Horizontal scrollbar was needlessly enabled when wrapping text at the edge of the window if the file contained a line that fit exactly within the available width.
  • Options|File Types: Selecting a different file type triggered an access violation in EditPad Lite (the AV had no consequences other than preventing changing the file type).
  • Options|Font: Selecting a different Script (a setting that does not affect EditPad) no longer results in duplicate entries in the font history.
  • Preferences: Clicking OK or Apply in the Preferences dialog failed with an access violation on portable installs of EditPad 8.0.0.
  • Search|Prepare to Search did not always select the search term it prepared when using the Search toolbar with the small Search and Replace boxes.
  • Sending a long list of files from Windows Explorer to EditPad no longer causes a false error about paths longer than 260 characters.

Version number 8.0.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website JGsoft
License type Freeware/Paid