Software Update: DVD2one / DVD2oneX 2.0.2

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The programs DVD2one for the Windows platform and DVD2oneX for the Mac OS X platform allow you to copy a DVD movie to a DVD image or a DVD. You have the option to omit all extras and various menus when copying so that only the movie is transferred. Of course you can also make a full copy. Version 2.0.2 of both programs has been released with the following changes:

Here’s a new version of DVD2one with the following features:

  • Languages ​​added: French (thanks to Antoine Desir), German (thanks to Sascha Lamprecht), Italian (thanks to Bruno Vella), Portuguese (thanks to Marco Pinto) and Spanish (thanks to Fernando Conde).
  • Nice icons to tree added.
  • Mac: fixed missing system menu on OS-X 10.4.
  • Mac: compiled again with GCC4. Panther users need at least OS-X 10.3.9 for this release.
  • PC: fixed problem with special characters and Japanese symbols (kanji) in directory- and filenames. Only the Audio Remaster part does not handle Japanese symbols.

[break]The following two downloads are ready:
DVD2one 2.0.2
DVD2oneX 2.0.2

Version number 2.0.2
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, macOS
Website DVD2one
License type Shareware
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