Software Update: NuFW 1.0.17

The NuFW program is an extensive firewall that can filter every connection on the user’s rights and operating system. It uses an ldap server to check the permissions and Netfilter to apply the filtering technique. For more information about NuFW, we refer you to this page. Version 1.0.17 is now available in the stable branch with the following announcement:

This release introduces UDP support on client side (only for linux for now). Server code was UDP ready since 0.8 and client support was the last step missing to have a complete support. It also fixes some minor bugs in nuauth and associated modules.

The full changelog is:

  • nuauth : refuse packet if user try to authenticate packets coming from another IP
  • log_pgsql : removed unused variable “server_port”. Fixed a stupid strlen bug (on port).
  • nuauth : fix a possible bug in parsing code
  • libnuclient : suppress compilation warning
  • libnuclient : UDP support (use —with-udp-auth flag for configure)

Version number 1.0.17
Operating systems Linux
Website NuFW
License type GPL
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