Software Update: DisplayFusion 3.0.4

With the help of DisplayFusion it is possible to manage a multimonitor setup. For example, a separate wallpaper can be set per screen, a taskbar can be displayed and programs can be assigned a fixed place. It is also possible to upload photos flickr and VladStudio to find and retrieve. For more information, we refer you to this page† Binary Fortress Software has released version 3.0.4 of DisplayFusion with the following list of changes:

Version 3.0.4:

  • Changed: Added taskbar window previews (hover over taskbar items for a thumbnail window preview)
  • Changed: Added drag/drop taskbar button sorting (on DisplayFusion taskbars only)
  • Changed: Taskbars are no longer removed/re-added when closing the Settings window
  • Changed: Dragging over a DisplayFusion taskbar item now restores that window so you can drag/drop in it
  • Changed: Added an option to disable the “Do you wish to apply these settings?” wallpaper prompt
  • Fixed: Better fullscreen application detection (for sending the taskbar behind the fullscreen window)
  • Fixed: Taskbar icons were lower quality in certain situations
  • Fixed: Clicking on a focused taskbar item didn’t always minimize it in Windows 7
  • Fixed: Taskbar performance improvements (shorter load time, less CPU usage when polling… etc)
  • Fixed: Monitor order was sometimes different than Windows and affected window movement hotkeys
  • Fixed: Full Microsoft Excel 2002/2003/2007 taskbar compatibility in all operating systems
  • Fixed: Taskbar items would sometimes appear when they shouldn’t, if the DisplayFusion taskbar was on the primary screen
  • Fixed: Better application compatibility with “EditPad Pro”
  • Fixed: Wallpaper would be tiled incorrectly when high DPI settings are in use in Vista/Win7

Version 3.0.3:

  • Changed: Significantly better Windows 7 and Windows 2000 support
  • Changed: Added the taskbar option “DisplayFusion shows relevant windows” for Windows 7 and Windows 2000
  • Changed: Removed “Windows 7 support is experimental” notice
  • Changed: Applying the wallpaper settings manually (in the Wallpaper window) now turns off the image freezing
  • Changed: New default HotKey: “Move window to previous monitor” (Ctrl + Win + W)
  • Changed: New default HotKey: “Move window to previous monitor and size proportionally” (Ctrl + Win + E)
  • Changed: New default HotKey: “Move window to previous monitor and maximize” (Ctrl + Win + D)
  • Changed: You can now see the currently used wallpaper images in “Settings > Troubleshooting”
  • Fixed: Windows 7 taskbar is now rendered correctly
  • Fixed: HotKeys sometimes get reset on reboot with Windows Vista/Windows 7
  • Fixed: Fixed the “font Arial does not support style ‘regular’” error in the Wallpaper and Settings windows
  • Fixed: Taskbar didn’t redraw properly in certain situations
  • Fixed: Some maximized windows didn’t move then maximize properly with the middle-click mouse shortcut (ex: Outlook 2007)
  • Fixed: Taskbar application compatibility with the “MySQL GUI Tools”
  • Fixed: Taskbar items wouldn’t be restored if the taskbar was disabled in certain situations
  • Fixed: Disabling the taskbar with the system tray menu wouldn’t save the setting properly in certain situations
  • Fixed: The installer now remembers the previous installation folder, instead of always defaulting to “Program FilesDisplayFusion”
  • Fixed: Better application compatibility with Google Chrome and Apple Safari 4
  • Fixed: Better application compatibility with Delphi applications (TOAD for Oracle, PSpad, FlashFXP… etc)
  • Fixed: Taskbar didn’t fade in properly when moused-over in certain situations
  • Fixed: Vladstudio keycode wasn’t authenticated properly in certain situations
  • Fixed: Improved CPU usage (lower when multi-monitor taskbar is enabled)
  • Fixed: Log size is much smaller now (doesn’t log thread creation anymore)
  • Fixed: Log now includes “HotKey Reset” events (either because of messed up registry settings or clicking the “Reset All HotKeys” button
  • Fixed: License key validation errors. If you receive an “invalid license key” when you upgrade, just head here and have your license key resent to you.

Version 3.0.2:

  • Changed: Taskbars now support auto-hiding
  • Changed: Added a “Taskbar Opacity” option, to make the DisplayFusion Taskbar translucent
  • Changed: Wallpaper checker/changer is now delayed 30 seconds from application startup, to allow the system to fully start before trying to change anything
  • Changed: Huge improvement in response time for taskbar item updating (new windows, closed windows, focused windows… etc)
  • Changed: Wallpaper timer maximum value has been increased from 1,440 minutes (1 day) to 10,080 minutes (7 days)
  • Fixed: Better window management compatibility with Google Chrome and Apple Safari 4 (doesn’t move browser to the next monitor when middle-clicking a tab at the top of the window)
  • Fixed: Taskbar button theme rendering and button height issues with certain custom themes
  • Fixed: Taskbar compatibility with GameMaker 7
  • Fixed: Window snapping is fixed when the taskbar is at the top or left-side
  • Fixed: Window movement hotkeys and mouse shortcuts now work correctly when the taskbar is at the top or left-side
  • Fixed: Silent installations now work correctly
  • Fixed: Resolved some lockups when coming out of standby or screensaver
  • Fixed: Now displays dates using the local culture formatting
  • Fixed: Installer would sometimes use English, even if another language was selected

Version 3.0.1:

  • Changed: Updated and overhauled Spanish language file
  • Changed: Added an option: “Rotate wallpaper images automatically using JPEG EXIF ​​information”
  • Changed: Added a registry key to force a specific taskbar height: “HKCUSoftwareBinary Fortress SoftwareDisplayFusionTaskbarHeightOverride”
  • Changed: Now works with PNG transparency and alpha values ​​properly, blending with the background color where required
  • Fixed: Added window management compatibility with “AQT Query Tool” application
  • Fixed: If the taskbar position/size can’t be read just ignore, don’t try to re-add the taskbars
  • Fixed: Sometimes a restored window would go off the top of the monitor after being moved with a hotkey/mouse drag
  • Fixed: Sometimes a restored window’s position would be too big for the monitor after being moved with a hotkey/mouse drag
  • Fixed: Window movement is now faster, and isn’t slowed down by window animations (hotkeys, window dragging, caption bar middle-clicking… etc)
  • Fixed: Taskbar button tooltips no longer move with the mouse (now more consistent with default Windows behavior)
  • Fixed: Better taskbar compatibility with Microsoft Excel (not perfect, but much better)
  • Fixed: Better taskbar compatibility with TOAD SQL management software
  • Fixed: Paint.NET can now be dragged when maximized, or middle-clicked to move to the next monitor
  • Fixed: Taskbar button text was 1px too low in Windows classic mode
  • Fixed: Taskbar button “indent” no longer lags with certain applications
  • Fixed: Taskbar would appear half-way up the screen when changing resolutions (or when changing a monitor’s orientation)
  • Fixed: Sometimes a gray bar would appear on the top and left of scaled wallpaper images
  • Fixed: Installer sometimes failed to correctly detect whether DisplayFusion was currently running
  • Fixed: Silent installation now works correctly

Version 3.0.0:

  • This is a huge release, with a complete overhaul of all features
  • see the release announcement for more information

Version number 3.0.4
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows Server 2008
Website Binary Fortress Software
License type Shareware