Software Update: DirSync Pro 1.3

The final release of version 1.3 of DirSync Pro was released on Friday. One or more folders can be synchronized with this open source program, for example a computer with a smartphone or USB memory stick. This can be both uni- and bi-directional. The program is written in Java and therefore platform independent. Downloads are available for DOS, Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, among others. New in version 1.3 includes an improved user interface. Below you can find everything that has changed in the Meuktracker since the previous entry.

Changes in DirSync Pro 1.3 final:

  • Improved: Toolbar buttons have now new tooltips to reduce confusion between New buttons for the job and the job set. (Thanks to Pablo Stern for the suggestion).
  • Improved: Help files are updated.
  • Fixed: In some cases it was not possible to suppress the log creation. Fixed! (Thanks to Orlando for the report).
  • Fixed: Some minor issues.

Changes in DirSync Pro 1.3 beta 5:

  • Fixed: Quick Sync Modes set now the delete options correctly (Thanks to SternByName for the bug report).
  • Fixed: The synchronized files in the sync queue are visible again after the sync.
  • Fixed: Updating the job settings clears the sync queue.
  • Added: It is now possible to open the files and directories in the System File Explorer by right clicking the entry in the sync queue.
  • Fixed: Some minor issues.

Version number 1.3
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, DOS, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website SourceForge
License type GPL